Digital Marketers Must Know These Additional Website Stats

If you want to secure meaningful growth in the digital age, keeping on top of the latest developments and innovations in website design is crucial. Here are some of the current most significant statistics to help you create valuable strategies for your business.

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Shared Values Help 64% of Consumers to Build a Trusted Brand Relationship

Consumers value brands that have taken the time to develop and communicate their core values. Young Millennials and Gen Z are particularly keen to connect with brands that share similar outlooks, and showcasing your ethos will also communicate your brand personality through your messaging.

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Content Marketing Generates 3x More Leads Than Paid Search

Encompassing everything from white papers and webinars to video, blogs and more, successful content marketing campaigns can be easily shared through email and social media, effectively doubling the usage your business can get from your already cost-effective content marketing strategies.

Branded Social Video Convinces 64% of Consumers to Make a Purchase

Increasing numbers of consumers would prefer to watch a video than read a webpage of copy to obtain the information they are looking for. From unedited Instagram Stories to product demonstrations and slick branded videos, there is a way to produce valuable video to suit all brands and campaigns.

By 2019, US Facebook Ad Revenue Will Overtake All Print Ad Spending

Digital ads can reach specifically targeted demographics in impressively large numbers. Facebook has almost 1.5 billion daily active users and is an important advertising channel for businesses.

Email Marketing Generates a Median Return on Investment of 122%

Email marketing can be more than four times more effective than all other forms of marketing, including paid search and social media. Strategic email marketing is therefore an important and consistent source of cost-effective business development.

Audiences might respond to marketing approaches slightly differently, so it is important to utilise powerful analytics tools to understand how to shape your growth strategies whilst keeping consumer behaviour at the centre of every decision you make.

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