5 Questions to Ask Before You Choose Your Office Space

Finding and choosing the right office space will have many effects on your business. Ask these five questions to yourself, estate agents and landlords when you’re looking for a new office space, and they can help you find the right fit for your employees and clients.

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1. Can My Company Grow Here?

You need to consider how the office space will fit your needs now but also in the future. Is there space in the building that could be leased in the future if your requirement for space increases, or can you negotiate a shorter lease if you feel you may need to move on soon.

2. Does the Location Work for My Employees?

A lengthy and expensive commute can put your employees off working for you, so your new offices need to be conveniently located for your key staff. When looking for offices to let Basingstoke has many options, but a location convenient for commuters, close to good shops and places for lunch and in easy reach of leisure facilities for after work will all help your employees feel comfortable in their new work space.

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3. How Does The Location Work for My Clients?

Even in the age of video conferencing and online hangouts, face-to-face meetings are still important, and clients don’t always want to travel to locations far away from public transport hubs. With many good offices to let Basingstoke could be a great place for you to search for high-end suites that will suit your clients and employees.

4. Is There Parking Space?

Clients and employees may not be able to commute to your offices by public transport so will then need affordable parking spaces close by. According to On Office magazine, developers should see the value in investing in spaces for parking bikes and facilitating commuters’ journeys to work by bike.

5. Does This Office Match My Brand Values?

Find the right space that sends the right signal about your business. When you pick your new office location, think about how a lavish space will communicate the health of your company to clients and employees, who may think that you’re spending too much on office space instead of on other areas of the business such as client satisfaction or employee rewards.

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