Best storage ideas for home clutter

We all have a part of the house that develops into a dump for clutter or home items that we feel have no place anywhere else. Storage can be tricky, especially in smaller homes however there are plenty of innovative ideas to organise that room you’ve been avoiding!

Firstly, you will need to attack the ‘decluttering stage’ This can be tedious, however, once everything is in piles, or decided to be thrown out, this will give you a better base to work with. Remember to do this in bitesize chunks otherwise, things can get overwhelming, and you may not end up finishing the task.

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For smaller household items, shelving can be great if it is installed correctly. Shelving works well for ornaments and keepsakes, allowing for a creative space that’s off the ground and not taking up room. Alternatively, shelving can be great for books or academic work, giving you a great visual representation if it is organised properly.

Similarly, filing cabinets can store books or paperwork, and are ideal if you struggle to organise or find yourself losing important documents. They also do not have to look unappealing and can be made of a variety of materials including wood.

Racks can be handy for miscellaneous items such as outdoor equipment like bikes or tools. A rack will display through a freestanding frame, or they can be attached to the wall. This is perfect for a garage space, to open up more room to get to the tools that you need.

Most homes have a set or two of cabinets with drawers, however, it is likely that these draws have become a dumping station. A cabinet reset is a good way to get rid of clutter, leaving more space for organisation and allocating draws for a certain item.

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If you find that your bedroom or bathroom space is cluttered with toiletries or make-up, then why not invest in a bag or two? A lot of bags contain different sections or compartments, and it means you can pick it up and go because everything is in one place.

Larger scale options are self-storage units. These can vary in size and price but have the main aim of decluttering the house of items not used. Alternatively, if you have big equipment that you do not use often, then storage units can be great. Self Storage Swindon are a great example of a company that will give a quote to keep your house feeling clutter free!

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