2020’s casual office wear trends

Fashion is big business and these days it’s not confined only to downtime or going out. Expressing your personality in the office is open to women and men, and goes beyond a colourful tie!

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Getting it right isn’t difficult, with some careful thought, but if you want to look trendy, you will need to make sure you are up to date, and pick the right clothes.

Simple updates to a couple of key pieces will make a huge difference to your overall image and give you a modern twist. Chinos will always be in style for men, but there is no rule that says they must be beige. Bright red would make a bold statement, but if you are looking for ‘elegant,’ take it down a tone or two and think maroon or aubergine.

Add a jacket

Nothing smartens up an outfit quite like a jacket. It ought to be a blazer style, but needn’t match your trousers, and a suit is probably too much for a casual look. People notice nice shoes, so get them right, and then pair jeans or chinos with a jacket in a different colour. A shirt is fine, but a V-neck or roll-neck jumper will also look great.

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Jeans are the classic off-duty look, but choose them carefully, and pair them correctly, to look super-classy in an informal work environment. A classic white shirt with some over-dyed jeans is simple and timeless.

Identify a pattern

Bold patterns are everywhere at the moment, and bang on trend. If you’ve chosen a patterned top, it’s probably easier to wear a plain pair of trousers, but there’s nothing to say they must be black or navy, so pick a colour from the pattern and match to that.

For some great ideas of how to wear the casual office look, flick through the gallery on GQ. If you want to smarten up a bit, find a contemporary brand you like, such as Farah. Buy some mens Farah shirts from a retailer like EJ Menswear https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah, and you have the staple of your new work wardrobe ready to go.

If you love your style and want to look fashionable every day, go for it, even if it is a work day. As long as you don’t break the company dress code, enjoy it.

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