Statement features to add to a new build

Designing a new build gives you endless opportunities to create your dream home that reflects you and your vision. However, sometimes it can be hard to know what features and designs to use that will give it that ‘wow’ factor. Here are some statement features or design choices that will get you inspired…

Choosing to focus on landscaping can be a great way to bring the initial appeal to a property before even entering it. Incorporating eye-catching elements such as a raised bed garden, decorative pathways or even water fountains can enhance the exterior of the property and make it feel well looked after.

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Interior design choices are limitless, and reflecting your own personal style is the key to success. Statement layout features range from a large kitchen island to a spiral staircase and large modern lights. It can be a great idea to create a mood board with links and photos to work towards your ideal interior, or you could visit homeware shops which give useful inspiration for possible statement pieces.

When choosing materials for your interior, it can be effective to use high-quality materials to give it a professional and polished finish. This includes premium flooring, marble countertops or bespoke fitted cabinets, all of which can enhance a room’s aesthetic. Getting a professional to create fitted storage units will help make use of the space and give your home a unique feel.

With the ever-expanding focus on climate change, it is important to consider sustainable features in your new build. Investing in solar panels, rainwater harvesting or any type of system that reduces energy consumption, is extremely worthwhile. This is not only to help you save your energy, but it can look like an impressive feature on your house too.

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Lighting is one of the most effective ways of making a statement, as well as creating a light space that will feel bigger. Large statement windows can be strategically placed to create a stunning visual impact, especially if you have a garden or nice view.

Finally, although this can be dismissed, there can be something magical about a unique roof design. Specialist companies such as produce beautiful bespoke Oak Trusses which can be both modern or traditional to fit with your house’s aesthetic. Wood frames are also sustainable if you go with a reliable company.

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