Reduce your energy consumption and costs at home and at work

Investing in a Brise Soleil or Solar Shading System can dramatically reduce your energy consumption and electricity charges at home and at work.  The total cost of supplying and fitting a complete System to your home or office environment can quickly be recovered by this futuristic way of shading and protecting your premises. There are no appreciable costs because once the aluminium louvre blades are securely fitted to the arms, (technically known as Stringers or Mullions) the energy savings are significant. Also, the cost to the environment is also reduced because there is no need for expensive air-conditioning units as doors and windows can remain open, allowing fresh air to circulate naturally.

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Normally during the long hot summer months, you would be advised to close all your doors and windows to try to keep cool but then it’s clammy and airless inside.  Having a state-of-the-art Solar Shading System installed at home or at the office means you can open doors and windows and remain cool, shaded and free from the harsh effects of the sun.

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Just like being under a huge umbrella, you get the benefits of all the shade and the fresh air without any harsh solar gain.  Don’t let fears about the installation process put you off investing in one of these smart systems, because of technological advances in the design of the brackets and fixings the whole process is now relatively simple and cost effective.

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