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Most entrepreneurs start their business with great enthusiasm. Many are the sacrifices made to start and grow the activities; it focuses attention on every detail, from production to packaging, from pre-sales to after sales service. Unfortunately, a good portion of entrepreneurs focuses little on the sale itself and do not put the following questions: How to sell the product? Which offer commercial offer customers? How to introduce the product and the company? In short, it is to be of little importance to the planning of an effective sales strategy. 

Whatever the size of your company, your marketing strategy has to do with all the ideas and techniques to use with your clients to get to know and buy product.

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At this point you are probably wondering how to plan an effective marketing strategy, and here we list some tips to get started:

  • Establish sales targets: Planned sales targets of short, medium and long term. Obviously not enough to want to sell as much, the objectives must be realistic and objective. They must also be designed so as to allow you to assess both the human resources (sellers) and promotional activities implemented.
  • Establish the necessary resources to achieve the objectives:Once established the objectives it is necessary to quantify the resources required (human and financial) to achieve those objectives. It is therefore necessary to plan a budget to promote and publicize the work in order to attract potential customers.
  • Review the progress monthly:The normal activities of sale must monitor progress monthly. If for example you have 3 sellers and everyone aims 10 monthly sales should be monitored monthly to achieve the target. This evaluation allows you to get the situation under control and to address the market promptly if sales deviate significantly from the objectives. Obviously this process contemplates that the seller is put in a position to sell the product (offers, brochures, etc.)

What resources are available?

In order to develop a good sales strategy must consider the use of resources that will enable you to reach sales targets:

  • Market study:This involves the application of marketing techniques appropriate to determine what customers are looking for, where you are looking, where are, what their buying behavior and consumption, etc.
  • Advertising: Advertising is an important tool to attract the attention of your customers. There are many ways and means to get publicity (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet, etc.) Some more expensive than others, some more effective than others… However it is said that a costly necessarily the most effective for your product. It is very important to the message transmitted, how it is transmitted, and product details to highlight. This is why contact professionals can help you choose an effective message that is reflected not only on sales but also on product recognition.
  • Business contacts:They have to do with human relationships that revolve around your business. The measures are necessary to strengthen and to raise awareness of your business. Thanks to “contact” you can make alliances, find customers, suppliers and find useful information.
  • Public relations: Public relations must be part of the sales strategy. By the Public Relations you will have the opportunity to present your product / service to the media. Periodically prepared press releases sent to the media, someone could give space to your company and attract the attention of consumers on you.
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