Professionals with knowledge of the Internet and multimedia tools, the most demanded by the Marketing and Sales sector

In the face of a more competitive market, companies require differentiated commercial strategies that intervene in the purchase decision.

Hays, a consultant dedicated to the selection of specialized personnel, has analyzed the situation of the Marketing and Sales sector in its recently released 2008 Salary Guide. In this area of ​​activity, a change in trend has been observed with respect to the previous year, where Entrepreneurs tend to be more cautious and demanding and customers are more reluctant with expenses, which they have to justify with precision.

In a more competitive market, differentiated commercial strategies are required, since it is no longer enough to simply sell a product or a service, but it is strictly necessary to retain relevant techniques that indirectly intervene in the purchase decision. In the area of ​​industry, companies in the sector prefer to use the Marketing and Communication tools provided by their central departments, without having to invest in what they consider secondary for their activity.

As for the most demanded profiles in this field, there are commercials with 3-4 years of experience for Industrial Sales, since they provide a surplus in terms of practice but they are not yet too senior. Human Resources professionals value experience more than academic requirements and in this way profiles such as commercial advisor become one of the most requested at this time. On the other hand, it is not easy to find Engineers with experience in sales of the industrial sector and an acceptable level of English, in fact this is one of the most complicated profiles to locate.

Regarding salaries, there has been an increase above inflation in the commercial positions of the electricity sector, because companies have been forced to become more aggressive at the commercial level to ensure an important part of the business. The vast majority of professionals in this sector enjoy a variable component in their fees.

Within the Media, the Interactive Marketing area stands out as a very effective and economic alternative in this time of crisis and a good option in the future for many companies at the sales level. Professionals with knowledge of the Internet and multimedia tools are increasingly required and valued by companies to try to cope with this period of economic instability.

In the area of ​​Large Consumption, it is considered that the best way to capture the consumer is the way in which they act at the point of sale. For this reason, the experience is valued above other values ​​in a candidate and the knowledge of English has become fundamental in the selection processes. For this reason, the professionals who most demanded this year were the Export, Regional Sales Representative, Food, Brand Manager, Commercial Promoter in the face of a decrease in the demand for Trade and Marketing functions. The positions of Sales Director and Marketing Director have also been less requested as a result of the restructuring processes of companies that, to reduce costs, chose to recruit more junior profiles for their Marketing departments.

The presence and reinforcement of companies at the international level and the geographical diversification dictated by the tensions in the national market, as well as the rotation of professionals in the sector among similar companies, have also been key in the demand of this type of professionals.

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