Why your domain name matters – and how to pick it

Web sites are a major part of business and branding in the modern world, regardless of your industry. A large amount of your business’ marketing budget probably relates to online marketing and web development, especially if you are just starting out.

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It’s an easy aspect to ignore when developing a web presence in your domain name, but picking a poor domain name can be one of the worst things for your business. Here are some of the reasons that a good domain name makes a difference, along with some of the things to keep in mind while making your decisions.

Keep it simple and easy

Do your best to keep your domain name short and simple. Your domain name is how you will be found online, so make sure that people who hear it or see it in passing will be able to type it accurately. If your domain name is too long or contains uncommon proper nouns, people may have trouble typing it. While it might be appealing to use common slang or misspellings in your domain name, it is usually best to avoid it; you can’t hear the difference between “to” and “2” or a “z” replacing an “s”.

Make it memorable

Just like any other aspect of marketing, a catchy and memorable domain name or business name will go much further than a bland one. If you have trouble finding an available domain name that ticks all the boxes for you, consider including your region in the domain if the business is regional.

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Consider SEO and advertising

Another thing to consider when deciding on a domain name is the impact on advertising through PPC agencies such as http://www.elevateuk.com/ppc-management/ and search engine optimisation.

Including SEO-friendly keywords such as region, industry, or specific areas of trade contributes to your search engine rank, which means a well-considered domain name will make people more likely to find you.

Protect your brand, and don’t step on toes

When picking a domain name, it is vital to ensure that you aren’t going to fall foul of any copyright or “passing off” statutes by using a name that is the same as or nearly indistinguishable from an existing business. Owning the same domain with different suffixes protects your brand.

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