Why Work as a Locum GP?

Today many people are looking for different ways of working – ones that do not restrict them to a specific role, workplace or 40-hour week. Medical professionals are no different in this and, for those who are looking for something different, working as a GP locum may provide the answer.

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Variety of Assignments

GP locum jobs include doctors and surgeons, and locums work in GP practices through to A&E departments, allowing you to gain a broad range of skills and experience and develop a greater understanding of the sector – both very useful for any future career you may pursue.

The variety of work can also help reinvigorate or re-motivate you if you have been feeling bored, frustrated or otherwise unhappy with your current role. As a locum, you will be constantly facing new challenges and new experiences, meeting new people and learning new things, all of which can bring back your enthusiasm for the medical profession.

Pay Rates

Because of the nature of working as a locum, often being asked to cover work at short notice, for example, you will be paid much more than the doctors whose work you are covering. Locums are paid by the hour, meaning any extra time you work is covered.

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Career Opportunities

Working as a locum can help you decide if particular roles are for you, allowing you to be more focused in any permanent job search. If you have a particular career in mind, working as a locum can help you gain this experience. It can also help those looking for a career change to test out options before committing.

Longer-term roles may turn into permanent positions, providing you with the opportunity to show your skills and become a valued member of a team. In addition, they allow you to build up your network, making future work in your chosen field easier to find. Most likely, your work will come through agencies such as http://www.thegplocumagency.co.uk/, so speak to them about your career goals.


There is a lot of flexibility to be had working as a locum. You are able to choose where you work, when you work and how often you work, allowing you to schedule work around other commitments such as childcare or caring responsibilities or interests and develop a good work-life balance.

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