What is web evolution?

The prevalence of web templates, social media and mobile technology has caused many to fervently discuss the decimation of traditional web design. Although this arguably isn’t the case, it is important to acknowledge the important shift that has taken place within the digital landscape.

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Web evolution is the approach that should be taken to create and develop a website that both performs well and ranks highly for important search terms, but also secures high conversion rates and drives real value back into the business.

Rather than taking a traditional approach to redesign, which as this Moz article indicates requires great care to ensure you don’t lose all the SEO benefits you have worked hard to establish. Allowing for the consistent and intuitive evolution of a website will secure more effective results in the long-term.

The traditional process

Typical website redesign processes are lengthy, requiring intensive development for every single page. These developments will then typically be revised several times, especially when a number of different team members want to have their own input into the process. This is complicated if there are several opposing ideas, which will take time to work through in order to identify the best option to proceed with. With SEO, usability, and search engine crawler navigation also important components to be considered, websites can very easily take up to six months to complete. Post-launch, issues which arise will need addressing, and regularly created new content will consistently need to be added to ensure the website remains relevant over time. This can sometimes result in companies attempting to reverse engineer alterations to save money during their quest to remain up to date.

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A new approach: Web evolution

Although necessitating a change in perspective, web evolution is a more manageable approach. Rather than going into the process believing you need an entire redesign, it is important to closely consider a monthly budget that will ensure your website can continue to evolve over time. Approaching a team specialising in web design in Kent, for example, such as the one that can be seen here http://www.eqmedia.co.uk/, with your budget, will help you to secure a more cost-effective, intuitive, and relevant website over time.

It is important to view your website as a consistently developing marketing and sales tool, with an ability to change depending on the needs of your clients or customers.

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