What do solicitors do?

With applications to study law at UK universities on an upward curve and the legal profession an increasingly popular career choice for graduates with other degrees, more and more people are looking into this field.

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Many will be looking at a career as a solicitor, but before embarking on this route, it is important to understand what the job entails.

Solicitors work in different areas of the law, and this involves the provision of a range of services to clients offering advice and assistance.

A good place to gather information about the work solicitors do is by accessing the information provided by the solicitors’ regulatory body known as the Law Society.

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Comprehensive service

The trend in recent decades has been for smaller companies to group with other practices to ensure they offer a comprehensive service to clients. This means that firms will have several departments, typically covering areas such as property conveyancing, wills and probate, family law, civil litigation, criminal law and corporate advice and contracts.

This means you may be able to specialise in one of these areas. This can involve helping people who are about to buy or sell a house if you opt for conveyancing.

Alternatively, you may be helping them draw up a will to deal with their personal holdings or setting up a trust to administer their legacy.

Family law solicitors will provide advice in the event of a relationship breakdown and may have to deal with the future care of any children who are affected.

Choosing a career path

The litigation department will have to offer information on individuals’ rights when they are dealing with private or public bodies and may have to fight compensation claims where appropriate. Litigation solicitors represent people in the lower courts, Magistrates and County courts as well as at tribunals such as those covering employment disputes. With additional training, they will also be able to appear on behalf of clients in the higher courts.

Finally, corporate lawyers deal with private and public limited companies, covering all their legal needs.

Before choosing a career path, you may want to approach a firm to discuss prospects. For example, if you are thinking of working in Manchester solicitors can be found at sites such as https://bridgelawsolicitors.co.uk/offices/wilmslow-manchester/.

Whatever your interests, a career as a solicitor offers many opportunities to help the public.


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