Ways to Have a More Environmentally Friendly Christmas

Christmas is coming and we all have lots of things to think about. This Christmas, we also should all be thinking about the planet and how we can help it now and in the future.

Here are some of the things to think about for creating a more environmentally friendly Christmas…

Think About the Gifts that you Give – So many people go overboard with buying gifts at Christmas. Spurred on by adverts on the television, social media and the general consumerism that comes along with the festive season. However, how many of those are really things that people want or need?

When it comes to gifts, how about making your own? Crochet blanket kits from somewhere like Wool Couture are a great way to make those perfect cosy gifts for people. If you want to cut down on packaging, look for shops that focus on zero waste, and also use sustainable materials.

You can also buy gifts like experience days or vouchers so that someone can get what they want.

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Have a Conscious Christmas Dinner – The dinner at Christmas can also be kinder for the environment. There is a lot of food wasted at Christmas, so rather than buying a huge swathe of food, think about the things that you actually need and how many people are coming to dinner.

The shops are only closed for a day or two so although it is tempting to stock up on a lot of food, think about what you need just for the day itself.

A more plant-based Christmas dinner is something that is also better for the environment and there are lots of delicious recipes that you can use to make a meat free festive feast.

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Decorate Thoughtfully – Decorating the house with lots of lights might look pretty but as well as costing you lots of money, it is also costing the environment. When it comes to decorating, you can use natural materials – go out for a walk and collect some seasonal foliage. You can make wreaths and table centrepieces with this.

When it comes to table decorations, think about not using crackers which contain plastic things which are likely to end up in landfill.

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