Vauxhall’s GT Concept: Should the MX-5 Be Worried?

The brand new Vauxhall GT concept may become an exciting new addition to the Vauxhall family and will rival the current king of affordable sports cars – the Mazda MX-5, which dominates the affordable sports car market.

Vauxhalls GT Concept

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It was built to mark the 50 year anniversary of the XVR concept car from Vauxhall that was unveiled in Geneva but it has been met with such excitement that rumours are flying that this concept car – or a similar version – will hit the production line.

Mazda MX-5

Currently, the Mazda MX-5 has control of the reins of the affordable sports car industry but if Vauxhall’s new addition were to make the production line, it will rival the MX-5 for its crown. It shares many similar features with its front-engine, two seats and rear-wheel drive.

The notable difference is that it is a coupé not a convertible but Vauxhall designed a unique windscreen that flows seamlessly into the roof, which creates a naturally light interior.

According to The Telegraph an affordable price tag is key to its ability to rival the MX-5.

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GT Concept

A production version of the funky concept car is definitely possible and Vauxhall have described the vehicle as being a “template for future sports cars”. Companies such as and others may well see a rise in demand for finance if or when such a vehicle does come to fruition.

Vauxhall Chairman and Managing Director Rory Harvey claims the GT concept proves that Vauxhall and its sister company Opel have moved forward with the times and are both “ambitious and confident brands that are not frightened to innovate”.

The new GT concept is certainly innovative, with its doors and side windows that flawlessly transition from one to the other, without showing any clue of where the paintwork starts and the glass ends.

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