Some wonderfully designed offices around the globe

Many businesses, especially younger startups are paying a lot more attention to staff wellbeing and having the most positive and creative surroundings. This is thought to inspire staff, boost morale and get the very best out of them. Of course having innovative surroundings is one thing, but keeping them clean is another and a Office Cleaning London can help you out with this.  Here are some brilliant examples of the world’s most creative and innovative offices:

Selgas Cano in Madrid

You don’t have to be a global company to make this list. Whilst not the largest company, Selgas Cano has designed their offices to be a beautifully relaxing place to spend your working week. Half underground and half above, there are stunning views out over the woods near Madrid. The office is airy and full of natural light, with interesting pops of colour and fresh clean lines. There is a calm, tranquil feel without harsh lighting and plenty of space.

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YouTube in San Bruno, California

From a small company to a global giant that Google has invested heavily in. This huge office building contains wide open plan office space and plenty of fun perks for employees. Staff can unwind between meetings with a spot of indoor putting, Segway riding, gaming, swimming and gym access! There are loads of places to eat too and the idea behind all this leisure is that employees will feel relaxed, happy and ready to collaborate well with colleagues and develop fresh creative ideas.

Lego in Denmark

You might expect the headquarters of Lego to be full of fun and bricks – and you wouldn’t be disappointed. The offices feature an open plan design to foster interaction and play between colleagues, in order to feed their imaginations and inspire. All the meeting rooms are bright, colourful and spacious, all designed to keep employees feeling happy and comfortable. Boosting morale and encouraging new product ideas is the goal. You can spend all day playing with Lego if you want to, as long as it keeps you productive, content and bursting with new ideas! Whether you take your inspiration from Lego or YouTube, you will want to ensure that the building company that you use can see your vision too.

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ThinkGarden in Milan, Italy

Nature is important for our happiness and wellbeing and this is a concept that ThinkGarden has gone in for in a big way. Understanding that we can’t get away from the need to spend most of our working lives indoors, they decided to bring nature inside instead. The complete design of the office reflects this love of nature, with huge plants, trees, flowers, stone-shaped bean bags and creative desk positioning. Even the design of the walls makes it feel like you’re in the middle of the woods.

Corus Quay in Toronto, Canada

This is one of the largest office buildings and probably the most fun in the world. It covers a vast 500,000 square feet, is home to Corus Entertainment and is known as one of the smartest buildings in the city. The company employs 1100 staff who used to work in 11 separate buildings but have now come together in an open plan environment with lots of entertainment thrown in! There are social spaces, a 5-storey atrium with a slide that covers 3 of them and a special lounge located over a couple of studios. The focus is very much on fun and bringing everyone together for growth and the sharing of fresh ideas. You’ll find large TV screens, bold, bright colours and even the boardroom tables are shaped like ice hockey rinks!


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