Six types of construction technology that you’ll use in the future

Technological advances hit the construction industry long ago and continue to do so. That said, many businesses still prefer the tried and tested method of spreadsheets and manual labour and like to spend as little as possible on IT. If you’re mind is on the future, however, then as a construction company, you’ll eventually have to embrace the rapidly changing technological advances if you’re to stay competitive. But what exactly are these new technologies?

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Drones are being used in more and more applications and construction is no exception. They can be used to survey construction sites much faster and far more accurately than a group on the ground. It’s also a much cheaper option than aerial photography. The cameras used can relay high-resolution data that can be used to create topographical models.


The construction industry is already implementing artificial intelligence on sites, with robots being used for manual jobs such as bricklaying or concrete pumping services. In the future, it is likely to take over more roles, leading to improved safety and increased productivity.

Mobile technology

One of the most exciting technological advances in construction is in mobile technology, where communication through tablets and other portable devices can bring huge benefits to a construction company’s operations. Through a small initial investment, businesses can obtain progress updates in real-time, view immediate changes to plans, find contractors such as a Concrete Pumping Company, and even log up problems that occur on site, so that they’re immediately known to the project manager even if he is off site.

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Building information modelling (BIM)

BIM software enables construction companies to come up with 3D models of the project in question. It aids the planning part of the project by solving problems and reducing the chances of errors. This means that projects can be started more quickly and completed at a faster rate.

3D printing

According to Construction World, another trend taking off is 3D printing. The process involves creating continuous layers of material until the project is finished, resulting in less waste and shorter project times.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality allows the wearer to walk through a building created with BIM. So the construction team or the client will actually be able to see first-hand what the project will look like when completed.

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