Six facts about ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is nothing new, but this soundwave-based method of achieving a superb clean is now rolling out to a wide range of industries, with specialist applications even available for the home. So whether you’re using a large ultrasonic cleaner at work to keep your premises clean, or a small ultrasonic tabletop cleaner at home in your workshop, these are all facts worth knowing.

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1. They can last a lifetime
High-end ultrasonic cleaners, such as those sold by, are made with quality aluminium or steel drums for resilience and durability and are designed to last a lifetime.

2. They use bubbles
The ultrasonic motion in a large ultrasonic cleaner actually uses bubbles to clean the desired surface. The size of the bubbles depends on what the machine is designed to clean and the frequency used.

3. Power wattage
Most ultrasonic cleaners operate at a wattage of 50 watts – 100 watts per gallon

4. Sizes
There are different sizes of cleaner available depending on the application. For example, industrial heavy-duty and large ultrasonic cleaner models are made with heavy-duty steel and designed for efficient production cleaning. Mid-size or table-top cleaners are usually used in laboratories and for cleaning small items. Small systems are portable and are thought of as ‘toy-like’ systems.

5. Cleaning products
For the best result, it’s also important to use the right cleaning product. It’s vital to use a cleaner that is compatible with an ultrasonic cleaner and for many applications, a specialist product will be the best choice.

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6. Applications
These cleaners can be used for a huge array of cleaning purposes and they can be used to clean almost anything, from industrial components to jewellery.

In short, ultrasonic cleaners are an asset to all kinds of businesses and organisations that need to keep components and premises clean. They are safe to use, highly effective and don’t require harsh chemicals to achieve superb effects. They are also affordable, robust and easy to use. Whatever your needs, there is likely to be an ultrasonic cleaner that can achieve them!

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