Reasons to attend conferences

When most employees are told they need to attend a conference, a collective groan can be heard. However, here are some important reasons why employees should be encouraged to attend live events.

To keep sharp

The most successful and effective individuals know they need to keep sharp. Sometimes people feel they need to take a break from the daily grind to sharpen their skills and that’s what a good conference can provide. People return from conferences and events with fresh ideas and a re-energised approach to work.

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Meet experts in person

Not every conference will provide opportunities to meet your idols, but you’re certainly not going to meet them if you don’t attend industry events. Attending conferences opens up a world of opportunity for sharing ideas with someone you admire, making connections and hearing influential people speak.


We can all stay in touch through various digital means but there’s no substitution for getting together with people in real life. A successful conference provides the ideal environment for people to mix, make new relationships, re-affirm existing relationships and network. Whether it’s over a takeaway coffee, lunch or cocktails, you could be connecting with the perfect prospect.

A fresh environment

Everyone needs to look at things from a fresh perspective sometimes and that’s why it’s becoming increasingly popular for businesses to hold meetings off-site. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and learning in a new space can get us all thinking new things and coming at problems from a new angle. Unusual and unique venues offer even more chance to open the mind. For help finding the right Cotswolds Venue Hire, visit

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Getting out of your comfort zone

Linking to the previous point about getting into a new environment to break habits, attending live events also gets you out of the office and out of your comfort zone. It’s too easy to follow blog posts from your office chair and you don’t have to network or make small talk when you’re sending an email or listening to a podcast. However, a live event requires you to engage and interact in a way that a digital platform cannot provide.

Of course, in the business world, it’s all about networking. Some of us are lucky enough to be born networkers, but most of us find live events and networking a bit of a challenge. It might seem tough but breaking out of our comfort zones and old ways of thinking and doing things can really break us out of any rut we’re stuck in with our work.




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