Making artistic photos with iPhone


You do not have to be a professional to make artistic photos with the iPhone. Here we show you some basic techniques to capture images of great quality, aesthetics and finish.

How to take good pictures with the iPhone

Whether you are a simple amateur photography or if your life never touches a professional camera. If we have learned anything from smartphones and high-definition cameras it is that everyone can make artistic photos with the iPhone.

However, before turning the unit it is important to consider some technical aspects that will help you get a better result. We are talking about as simple as searching the specified angle, things to fix the focus, among other similar details.

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In short, a smartphone is a superb audiovisual equipment that allows us to explore our creative side. Let’s see how to take good pictures with the iPhone.

Tips for making artistic photos with the iPhone

Be sure to put into practice the following tips to get the most out of your iPhone camera. Lights, camera, action!

Activates the camera grid

At first glance it seems a minor detail, but it is not. A photograph is composed of people, landscapes and objects that occupy a place in space. In other words, we must make sure to make a good distribution of the elements we focus our camera, and we need to activate the grid.

This is what you do: go to Settings> Photos> Camera, and flip the switch on the right side Grid. When you are by taking a picture, a screen divided into 9 squares will open, which will facilitate the distribution of elements.

Sets the focus to take artistic photos with the iPhone

Let now the subject of focus, possibly one of the most tedious and essential terms when taking high quality photos with the iPhone. Fortunately, we have a great ally that will give us the perfect approach.

What should we do ?. Use the camera of your iDevice to aim and hold the picture you want to focus. Thus, the element becomes fixed in the chamber waiting for the final touch capture. If you want to remove the lock simply press the screen for a second. Piece of cake!

Panoramic photos with iPhone

To make artistic photos with the iPhone, nothing beats capturing panoramic photos. All we need is to find a clear and wide enough area. Remember, the wider the approach, the better the outcome.

From the camera interface we can change the projection mode for a panoramic view. The procedure is simple, but requires a lot of concentration.

This is what you do: press on the shutter and move slowly in the direction of the screen. Follow the arrow to fill the entire space (you can change direction by clicking on the arrow).

Finally, if you want to change the panoramic images for vertical images, change the orientation of your smartphone for automatic rotation.

Artistic photos in Burst mode

One of the advantages of taking photos with the iPhone is that we can use the Burst mode for several continuous images and keep track of any details. This method is ideal for capturing moving objects.

From the iPhone 5S on, Burst mode is built into the interface, but if you have an iPhone 5 or 4S, you just have to hold down on the shutter to take lots of pictures in seconds.

Follow these tips and you will achieve artistic and high quality photos with your iPhone. With a little patience and dedication you will share attractive images to look and share on social networks.

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