How the new Birchbox web design is driving its business forward

First launched in 2010, Birchbox was credited with revamping the beauty industry, thanks to its innovative sales model. The company prepares monthly beauty boxes that its members subscribe to, which enables them to try out a wide range of products, so they can establish which ones work best for their individual needs.

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Previous growth doesn’t guarantee future profits

Over the ensuing years, Birchbox has continued to grow, and at one point was worth a reported $500 million. But it hasn’t all been plain sailing. According to Retail Dive, the company has been struggling over recent months, as competitors started encroaching on the firm’s share of the beauty market.

Although Birchbox reports that it has a partnership agreement with over 800 brands, and currently boasts subscriber numbers that surpass the 2.5 million mark, recent months have seen the company experience a period of instability. There were even reports that Birchbox was searching for a potential buyer for the company, although a lifeline was provided by a hedge fund, which bought out a majority share, thereby improving cash flow.

Website upgrade

The Birchbox website revamp has been designed to raise the company’s profile and make it more appealing to its customers, and early signs indicate that the new site is already having the desired effect.

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Monthly boxes inform the website’s overall design, so the look and feel of the site changes with each new collection. The idea is that people who aren’t entirely comfortable in the world of beauty products can feel empowered to try out new things, and everything about the new website supports that idea. Graphics and layouts lead the subscriber through the various options, and the aim is very much to support, inform and empower the customer at every stage.

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It’s still early days for the new Birchbox website, but initial results confirm its success. Since it went live, the site has generated a 21% increase in revenue, showing the impact that good web design has on sales.


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