How does a Brise Soleil work?

Have you ever looked at the outside of a building and seen a number of horizontal or vertical aluminium or wood structures outside of the windows? This is a Brise Soleil, like the ones that you can see at These systems help to reduce the sunlight that shines directly into the building. In some cases where there is a lot of glass, a building can quickly heat up causing health issues for the employees.

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Brise Soleil works by being placed on the windows and fronts of buildings that are affected by direct sunlight and they are positioned in a way that means that counteract the sun’s natural process. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west and follows a curved arc from sun rise until it reaches its highest point during midday and then travels back down the other side of the arc until it reaches sunset.

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This means that during the hot summer months when the sun is at its highest the system will provide shade and prevent the sunlight from blazing through the windows. But when the sun is lower in the sky in the autumn and winter months the sun will be allowed to enter into the building. This gives you the best of both worlds, allowing light in in the darker months but filtering it in the height of summer.

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