Getting your team involved in an office move

Moving offices can be a great time to get your teams bonding together. Once you have instructed your chosen Office Removals London company such as you can start planning the ways in which your staff can help out.

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Boxes – the day before moving day ask your employees to box up all their desk items and place them in named boxes so that they can be easily identified. Once the computers have also been boxed and labelled you can plan for moving day.

Moving day – have your employees meet you and the removal firm at the new office and come with refreshments and some nice morning pastries. Having a clearly labelled plan of the new office means you can ask your employees to collect their named boxes and they can start to unpack their computers and items and arrange them on their desks. Why not arrange for pizza delivery for lunch time and reward your staff for their hard work during the move.

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It is important that if you are going to take moving as an opportunity for your staff to get to know one another a little better that you arrange for the move to happen during normal working hours. Having employees feel happy about the move and able to arrange their desk spaces as they like will mean that when it comes to getting back to work they will have renewed motivation and enthusiasm for what they do.

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