Ecological and Profitable Business Ideas

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of a healthy life for their body, mind, and spirit and therefore, take into account the environment.

No one is ignorant of what has happened to the water, in which garbage and debris have been thrown. The air, with pollution and pollution. The land, with insecticides and agrochemicals. The planet, all with economic investments that promised work while deteriorating life.

Thus, thousands of hectares of trees were felled. Nuclear power plants, oil pipelines were installed at sea. Monoculture agriculture began and we could write pages and pages of everything that has been done.

Starting ides for Ecological and Profitable Business

Today, there are many who know that although this does not have a backtrack, it can be kept from moving forward. That is why many people have taken this with real seriousness and have turned it into their way of life.

They are pioneers to organic gardens in their homes. Compost the trash and separate plastic containers and recycle them. Reuse objects or glass bottles, use clean energy, among many other measures. And to do it daily and share it with friends, it was shaped the possibility of making it an economically profitable service. And there are many possibilities.

So, for all those who are tempted to start in this type of business and do not know which item to choose, here are some ideas that can be implemented.

In the Food Area

  1. Shop for organic foods, bone, those grown without pesticides and that do not have any kind of chemicals. Within this can be sold cereals, seeds, organic flour and even organic vegetables.
  2. Organic vegetable garden, which can very well be distributed by a store or business of another person, or by oneself, through a delivery. Or simply getting the customers in the place. We clarify that for this although it is better to have a lot, it can be done in a large patio or terrace through pots.
  3. This item also allows to carry out courses to train those who are interested in growing their own products.
  4. Service of organic and healthy meals, which can be detached from the previous two. If you want to go a little further, dedicate yourself specifically to the gastronomy, distributing meals at home. Or if you have the possibility of more investment, set up a vegetarian restaurant or vegan.

In the area of gastronomy, seminars:

  1. Collection of electronic waste. This is to take home the computers, keyboards, monitors, notebooks, equipment etc. Which others discard to offer it to companies that recycle them or if you have the superstructure do it yourself.
  2. Recycling of plastic containers, cans or glasses. All you need is a good place for your ranking. It is extremely easy, if even a boy can do it.

In the area of ecological products:

Here you can make the production proposal, and, if you do not have the technology or the space to do it, you can make the sale of:

  1. Biodegradable bags that are already used not only in large stores but also in smaller ones.
  2. Decoration and furniture products. Some of which are really works of art. Increasingly, there are proposals for the use of PET bottles, bottle caps, old CDs or DVDs, disposable cups and dishes, sorbets, etc. To generate furniture or certain items such as light screens; Curtains of a bath, etc.

Restoration of antique furniture

  • Toys made with recycled materials like plastic or also made with wood.
  • School and desktop products such as pen holders, pointers, litter bins.
  • Baskets, baskets, recycled paper baskets and treated to have the strength and ductility of the wicker.
  • Cleaning products such as laundry soaps and dishwashers.
  • Design and production of clothing using cloth or recycled material.
  • Diapers and female cloth towels, which are ready to be washed and re-used.
  • Cosmetic products such as soaps, dentifrices, deodorants, shampoo.
  • Ecological beds for pets.

In the area of alternative energies:

In case there is enough investment, you can start:

Manufacture or otherwise, distribution and sale of:

  1. solar panels
  2. Solar water heaters
  3. Solar cookers

Research and development of renewable energies

Installation and / or repair of energy pipelines to increase savings and efficiency; Of roofs with materials to reflect sunlight that absorb the heat; kitchens and solar installations; Installation and/or repair of wind turbines.

In the area of services:

  1. Cleaning of offices, institutions, homes with ecological cleaning products.
  2. Business events service with crockery and environmentally friendly items.
  3. Environmental consulting service.

And there are more proposals such as the assembly of an ecological laundry and dry cleaner, ecological packaging; Ecological pool facilities; Commercialization of biodigesters and the list can be further expanded.

The only thing necessary is that we are sensitive enough to carry out activities that respect the planet and all the living beings that inhabit it because we are one of them, not their owners.

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