CRO: It’s as Much About the Content as the Design

Conversion Rate Optimisation, or CRO, is becoming more and more important to digital marketing. Put simply, “conversion” is the proportion of visitors to your site who are converted from “visitors” to “customers”, or at least take the action on your web page that you want them to take.

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What Is CRO?

In order to get the best conversion rate, different versions of a web page are tested to see which page gets the best response in terms of purchasing or signing up for a newsletter or submitting a form. Optimisation companies (or departments, if your company is big enough) work in two main ways. The first way is to focus on testing web pages, while the other focuses on pre-testing – spending time to understand the audience and then targeting that audience as precisely as it can.

What Makes a Good Conversion Rate?

Different factors affect how successful a conversion rate any business has. One of the most important of those factors is the content.

Layout, colour, eye-catching video – all of these will draw people’s attention to your site. But once people start deciding on the details and looking for the information that will help them make up their minds to buy – to convert – then the quality of your written content becomes extremely important.

People who want to know how well your product works will want to read reviews and testimonials. Your web designer needs to ensure that these are clear to read and easy to find. People want product descriptions that make sense and tell them whether or not your product is the right one for them. A well-designed website from a Web Design Cumbria agency will not just lead your eye to the right information but make sure that the information is appealing as well. For website support you can head over to

How can information be appealing? You need to consider tone of voice, accuracy and style. Your potential customers need to believe that your copy was written by a human being who wants to inform them about your product – not by a robot running a search engine programme. The information about how to buy is important as well: clear instructions and a helping hand through the checkout process will not only convert your visitors to customers but hopefully convert your new customers to returning customers.

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