Choosing the right materials for your conservatory

When it comes to designing your ideal conservatory, the choice of materials is crucial. This decision impacts on the comfort, convenience and practicality of your conservatory. Get it right and it can make the difference between a true all-year-round living space and a conservatory that is too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

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Classic or contemporary?

Your choice of materials will help to define the type of conservatory that is right for you.

If you prefer a streamlined, light-filled room with an ultra-modern feel, glass and aluminium are the materials of choice. If your style is more classic, traditional brick will enable your conservatory to blend seamlessly with your property. uPVC glazing is the more affordable option or choose hardwood for a truly classic addition to your home.

Timeless Worcester conservatories look beautiful in brick that blends with the native sandstone and can be insulated for cosy winter use; alternatively, opt for a summerhouse instead from a company such as and create an all-year-round oasis in the garden.

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Rain or shine

The choice of conservatory roof can make the difference between a fabulous year-round entertaining space and an unusable room. Traditional glass roofs lend your conservatory a feeling of space and let the natural light flood in; however, glass roofs are the worst culprits when it comes to overheating in summer and shivering through the winter. The insulating properties of glass are poor when compared with a solid roof alternative, even when you choose a double-glazed alternative.

uPVC alternatives are much more affordable and lightweight, making them a snap to install. The downside is that this type of roof is particularly prone to damage from scratching and must be kept clear of debris at all times. A polycarbonate roof has a 10-year lifespan and may not be as watertight as other roofing options.

A solid roof is the smart choice when you want to enjoy the advantages of your conservatory all year round. A solid roof can be insulated against overheating and overcooling and extends your options for year-round lighting. Solid roofs cut glare and manage noise pollution, providing the kind of privacy that glass can’t match. Best of all, the wide range of options makes them a perfect fit for any traditional or modern conservatory.

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