What is the most suitable type of Web for your business?

A Web site is not only our presentation card in the digital economy is and should be the mechanism to exploit our online business model.

Therefore, a Web is much more than the online customer registration, product catalog, shipping options, payment methods, etc.

What is the most suitable type of Web for your businessTypes of websites of business (B-Webs)

  • Agora

Is the marketplace whose business model is to develop both eBay and Priceline, for example? They are treated in an electronic market where buyers and sellers negotiate prices and products. It has no storage costs, distribution costs are reduced and there is a low financial risk.

  • Aggregation

It is an online store where several manufacturers come together and seek to sell to buyers online. There is a strong bargaining power and shipping customers are saved. The best example of this business model is Amazon.

  • Value chain

The focus is on the production of a highly integrated value proposition through the integration of operational efficiency. Examples can be both Apple with its range of products and iTunes or Cisco Systems with its routers and essential for computer networks switches.

  • Partnerships

In an alliance of B-web, a large number of companies or individuals spontaneously join in common purpose. A good example is the community of developers for iOS or Android. The greater the developer community, more users will buy the product and the higher the value of the community.

  • Distribution network

It is the example of telephone operators that provide telecommunications infrastructure on which business crowd has been much development.

Depending on the model, you develop web business we need to strengthen or other factors to maximize services to your customers and your users.

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