Social media and social networks, essential to strengthen companies and brands

New technologies have changed the way of thinking of companies and how they relate to their customers. In recent years, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ among others are offering companies direct access to their customers.

That is, social networks connect companies with their customers. Facebook allows you to communicate in a way with close to a billion people (half of whom connect virtually daily). In addition, the fact that the pages are translated into 70 different languages ​​allows a global penetration of the brands. Thus, companies obtain information from their consumers, from their age range to their current location through their favorite hobbies or their most frequent social networks. The same happens with other social networks such as twitter, Linkedin or Google+, which with their characteristics and particularities can also become essential tools to strengthen companies and brands.

The question now is how can companies use these tools that the Internet offers them to create or strengthen their brand or business ?.

Recognize users interested in the brand

Internet requires knowledge of a new vocabulary, it is about keywords to understand social networks and that help create a strategy. Above all, understand the most basic aspects and elements that are part of the mechanisms of these media.

  • I like it : on Facebook it implies individual support for a specific topic. Communication experts say that the support to the publications of the companies influences a lot in the opinion of the rest of the users. This usually implies an increase in sales.
  • +1 : This is the “Like” version of Google+. +1 implies consumer approval.
  • Retweet: on Twitter, a user retweeting a content implies that he or she is interested or agrees with what is being said. Companies use them to promote their products and discover which ones are more or less endorsed by the public and thus know their users and their shopping habits.
  • Fan Pages : companies use them to promote their products and services. They do not imply anything in the sales but they do serve to offer content to the users, promotions and offers. It is considered that people who become fans of those pages are more likely to use promotional coupons or to buy.

Create a community to communicate with users and improve the service

Social networks also serve as a channel through which customers can express their doubts, complaints or suggestions and companies inform them of news related to your company. It is a channel of almost instantaneous response that implies integrity and loyalty to the brand. The instant response and offering a good deal to the client will facilitate the creation of a good relationship between the company and the client.

Create promotional videos to promote new products

One of the best ways to promote a brand is to create a promotional video. An example of this type of advertising is Burger King, one of the first companies to create videos on the network. In 2005 he used it to promote his Tender Crisp sandwich, in which a man directed a chicken. The video itself inspired a website where consumers could control the movements of the chicken. The video was so popular that the company responded to more than 300 orders.

Promotions through social networks

Discounts and promotions on the Internet, many of them accessible through mobile telephony. In addition, social networks that rely on location services such as FourSquare are also very useful when offering promotions based on the proximity to restaurants, bars, shops …

Use social networks to manage problems and offer solutions

Companies need to monitor social networks and the blogosphere. This involves time and money and that is why it is necessary to be clear about the strategy and also the expected results. A company should have a social media director with some support. Social networks should be used to give transparency to the company, silence false rumors, be responsible for their own mistakes or solve problems. Being proactive and responding instantly to any doubts that may arise will help to clean up the company’s image. Social media should be open channels for communication between consumers and companies. What consumers think should be followed and analyzed.

Create products adapted to the needs of the consumer

Develop products based on the information of users that is obtained through social networks. Companies must learn to follow the trends that mark the new technologies and thus meet the needs of their consumers in a simple way, listening to them.

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