Corporate Blog: 8 Key Tips to meet your goals

It seems that seeps the idea that a corporate blog is necessary. Produce relevant content can make the difference. The sad reality is that companies struggle to gamble decided by a “content manager” someone whose mission is to find out what content their customers want and need and then serve it…

  • In the appropriate channel (social networking, audio, video).
  • At appropriate intervals (without tiring staff …).
  • So involving the user.

The indispensable tool for a “content manager” is undoubtedly the corporate blog.

Corporate Blog 8 Key Tips to meet your goals8 tips key to your blog will meet your corporate objectives

To “fight” this battle hope you serve the following notations:

  1. 70/30 rule: 30% corresponds to corporate information (company news, product description or service, even direct jobs). The remaining 70% must be valuable information for customers who go more oriented to inform and entertain.
  2. While the blog link to the website of the company: The blog must be linked to the website of the company and can be done by varying slightly the URL to enter a keyword. So the blog will help push the SEO of the website.
  3. Put your eye on Google +: As you know, boost your activity on Google +, will be key to the corporate blog posts better positioned in Google.
  4. Define your keywords: It is essential to have very clear what the most relevant keywords for your business are. But you’re shooting without well-defined objectives. To do this you can use the “keyword tool” Google.
  5. Do not overdo the keyword density: It is perfect that you optimize the texts but being too “brazen” can be the trigger for a penalty. It is said that the maximum keyword density is 3% so you know.
  6. Images and videos explaining: Visual elements and will download a little much text blog.
  7. Well connected with social networks: I recommend, if you have a wordpress for example, a toolbar so that when a user to “scroll” down the bar social networking accompany you to always keep it handy.
  8. Create a list of subscribers: This part is also then draw a basic email marketing strategy with all these users. To get it grow I recommend creating downloadable content of value to encourage you to leave the email.

I am aware that it cost to create a community around a corporate blog but if the content is very useful, sustainable activity and the company behind it is not too aggressive with corporate content can be achieved perfectly. In fact, in the medium term it is one of the most profitable marketing strategies.

What is good advice for you thinking of a corporate blog?

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