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How to Develop Content that Enamored Google

87% of the queries that users make on the internet do so using Google and its goal is to offer its users “the best and highest quality” of information they are looking for, Google rewards sites that

Marketing Strategies: Internet, yes or yes

Since the use of the Internet will begin to generalize in companies more than a decade ago, there have been a number of critical times of expectation that have believed to detect significant changes in the horizon

Great web design: four key aspects

Never lose sight of your website’s purpose. It exists to increase your business profits, so visitors need to be able to engage with it, navigating it easily to find the products and services that they need. Whether

Google the king of employer branding

We could define  Employer Branding as a recent concept and an important strategy to capture talents around our business, company or projects in which the message and philosophy of “The best place to work” is transmitted. Although this concept

The future of Advertising and videogames

The future of advertising augurs great changes in terms of media and supports that can be more reconversion and effectiveness when it comes to making and transmitting advertising messages to users. Although the Marketing and Advertising sectors are still searching

Trends and Secrets of Search Marketing

The Search Marketing or search engine marketing , also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), is a concept and form of marketing that operates over the Internet in order to promote websites by increasing their visibility and positioning in the most important

PRS-Marketing presents a new report of the most expensive keywords in online advertising systems

The PRS-Marketing consultancy presents a new report of the most expensive keywords in the different internet advertising systems in during July and August. Once again, the system that has supported maximum bids at a higher value is Google

SEO vs. Content Marketing

One of the main objectives to which a company can and should aspire is to position itself as an influential and benchmark in its sector, but this positioning must have a double aspect: psychological and double, to

Social media and social networks, essential to strengthen companies and brands

New technologies have changed the way of thinking of companies and how they relate to their customers. In recent years, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ among others are offering companies direct access to their customers.

What are the tax implications of rental refurbishments?

Many people with money to invest like the security of putting it into property. It’s no surprise, then, that there’s big demand for properties to rent out. With interest rates still low, rental property can offer an