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What benefits can companies get from content marketing?

Although advertising is still used today, however, customers are demanding more than just a product or service. 70% of consumers recognize that they prefer to know a brand for their corporate blog rather than advertising. This change of mentality

A satisfied customer will be the best ambassador of your brand

Social networks are not another channel of communication, they are the means to effectively reach consumers. The way in which the brand communicates with its audience does not correspond to the traditional canons, where it is the one

Pot Smoking Can Worsen Schizophrenia

Smoking pot is illegal in several countries, but that doesn’t slow down the use of marijuana for both health and recreational reasons. However, it has always been assumed that mental health patients have been using pot as

Post Traumatic Stress in Vets Increases Risk of Dementia

Military veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are more likely to develop dementia than their peers who do not suffer from PTSD. Even as the debate continues about whether or not the government is

Medically Magic Material

There can be no doubt that medical advances have progressed extremely rapidly in the last century. We are now living longer and receiving far better medical care than at any previous point in our history. One material

Trimming a Video with Movavi Video Editor

When you record videos it is likely that you won’t want to use all the footage that was captured. Some of the footage that you record may have issues that can’t be fixed, or in other cases

Consumers are wary of what Social Media brands tell them

Consumers do not end up believing what brands say in social media. The latest survey, published by Forrester Research, reflects the low confidence that customers place in all the actions they receive on a daily basis through social

Google launches new tool to measure the effectiveness of mobile advertising

As you well know, the main advantage of online marketing can be measured. Despite this, many companies still had problems analyzing the profitability of their actions in mobile advertising. To solve this problem, Google has created a calculator that

Social icons become indispensable to improve Email Marketing CTR

E-mails that include some type of social icons to share content or information, reach a CTR index higher by 158% (6.2% vs. 2.4%) than those that do not incorporate them, according to a study that has Been

Social Media: Being or Not Being

Today, it seems that brands are experiencing a new digital frenzy, similar to the one they lived years ago with the boom of websites. When the Internet began its vertiginous growth, many, but many brands and companies