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Does your business need an accountant?

Unless your business is accounting, it is likely that soon after the start, you’ll be struggling to understand how to manage your books. You may do a very good job, despite your doubts. However, what if your

Food safety advice for businesses

When pests get into a food business, they can ruin and contaminate food. If found during an inspection, or from a customer complaint, it can cause your establishment to be closed under the ‘Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice’,

Construction Worker Injury Risks

Construction sites are hazardous locations and the job is highly demanding physically. Those who work in this field are often asked to work at height, operate large machinery or work on the roadside where traffic accidents can

When is it time to replace your office chair?

The chair you sit in is one of the most important components of ergonomic office design and having one unsuitable for your needs can cause countless issues, reducing your ability to work productively. So, when do you

What to do if asbestos is found in the home or workplace

Asbestos anywhere can pose a serious hazard to health, but in the workplace, can cause problems for staff and members of the public if not handled properly. Here are a few suggestions on what to do if

Some wonderfully designed offices around the globe

Many businesses, especially younger startups are paying a lot more attention to staff wellbeing and having the most positive and creative surroundings. This is thought to inspire staff, boost morale and get the very best out of

Setting up a commercial catering business

Starting out in business is always a daunting time and getting things right at the first attempt is not always easy. After you have set up all the legal entities of your business such as the business

Is British construction being undervalued?

The construction industry is huge and a major contributor to the UK economy. However, a recent report suggests that the UK construction industry is undervalued by the government. Image Credit A report entitled “The Real Face of

Using the Power of pneumatics is a skilled job.

In retail you might wonder how they get the money out of the tills without having to have someone carry it all back to the cash office. There is a very simple system that transports the fivers,

An Introduction to Tapping Machines

In order to get a strong fastening and a joint that won’t pull out a screw or a nail without substantial force, construction professionals don’t drill – they tap. But they aren’t tap dancing. They’re using machines