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Why leasing a car is an intelligent financial choice

Car leasing is something that more and more people are taking advantage of, as it is a viable financial choice for those who need to run a car but who do not have an expendable budget to

Is it right to make the office space fun or have a snooze zone?

An office is a place of business. It is where the lifeblood of the economy occurs. It is where we go to be the productive units that the Government requires us to be so that we pay

PR is needed in every business

So you’ve built a website, put some content on it and uploaded some nice photographs of your team, your products and some happy customers. Now you can just sit back and wait for the traffic to come

Do you know how to get the best car finance deal?

There are some excellent car finance deals out there just waiting to be discovered. The problem is that many people don’t know how to find them. Keep an open mind when starting your car search, and be

Care Catering given an AA Rosette

Care catering often gets a bad press, but the first AA rosette has been awarded for it. Image Credit The award went to classically trained chef Robert Quehan due to his original approach to care catering. Instead

The benefits of offsite construction

Offsite construction is not a new concept, but the popularity of this method of construction has grown considerably in the past decade. The various advantages of off-site construction include reduced costs compared to conventional construction methods, shorter

What are industrial valves used for?

Valves provide a huge range of purposes in the industrial, technical, manufacturing and scientific industries. Choosing the right valve can determine the success or failure of the system or process. The main purpose of a valve is

Seth Godin has this to say about logos

Logos are literally everywhere – from the side of your cup of coffee on the go to the pen in your hand, the shoes on your feet and even on the side of the train you caught

Creating a welcoming reception area

For most businesses there comes a time when clients, visiting members of the public, diginatires or even prospective job applicants will come and turn up at your business. You therefore need a reception area. This is where

The increase of robotic warehousing

Warehouse automation is such a potentially game-changing development for businesses that it is now a focal point at supply chain shows such as Modex in Atlanta. The objective of visitors to such shows is to see the