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DIY Shows and Exhibitions Around the UK

If you would relish the opportunity to learn more about DIY and the tricks of the trade, then you might benefit from attending one of the many DIY exhibitions and shows that take place every year around

Users are looking for brands that talk and are honest with them

Social Media has ended the traditional business model of traditional brands, preventing them from hiding behind their logos to act. Nowadays, users can share their experiences with brands, both good and bad, thanks to the Social Networks, being

Do we really need to do content marketing?

Content marketing has meant a new way of communicating, of transmitting information. The online medium implies a great diversity of channels and media platforms, based on several types of formats, such as videos, articles, infographics, apps? This entails attracting

Recognising Common Foot Complaints

The importance of correctly fitted shoes cannot be understated. There are many common foot problems that can be exacerbated by poorly fitting footwear. Feet are incredible things, with 42 muscles, 33 joints, 50 ligaments and tendons and

Social media users are more predisposed to collaborate with brands

As social media becomes more popular as a means of increasing customer relationships, social media users around the world claim to be more willing to collaborate in a wide variety of areas, with the companies that attract

Unmounting the EdgeRank

In recent times there is much talk about the importance of Facebook’s EdgeRank for SEO, claiming that the higher this value, the web positioning will be better, but, what is the EdgeRank? Do we know? EdgeRank is

Content Marketing should be at the heart of any Social Media strategy

The content attracts followers, who become the most effective ambassadors of the brand. In fact, one of the three main reasons users follow a brand is because it gives them interesting content. 6 out of 10 Twitter or Facebook

The integration of customer service with Social Media is increasing

When we ask companies for their degree of integration into Social Media, they recognize a gradual adaptation to this new medium; but this integration has not yet given way to a practical application, that social networks have really

How can I get a better picture from my TV?

Most TVs bought recently will be 4K sets, offering four times the resolution of HD. With this resolution, you should be experiencing immersive TV with amazing quality. If this isn’t the case or you are contemplating upgrading,

Former FBI chief James Comey will make public statements

US President Trump had fired James Comey – but he will not get rid of him. The FBI chief will testify in the US Senate. The subject: Trumps possible contacts with Russia in the US election campaign.