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The Power of ROI: Measure and Conquer

ROI (Return on Investment) is the indicator that has become more important in any online marketing campaign. Crowd advertising campaigns companies base their management from the beginning on constantly improving this variable.  Given the times that run the

From Prevention to Action: The Importance of Online Reputation for Businesses

The users rely more on the opinion of others, the experts, and of course, much more than what they can tell them or tell their own brands and companies. It is companies should not forget to prepare to face

Stress Reduction Tips And Techniques For You

While stress is normal here and there, excessive stress can cause health issues. Too much stress can promote anxiety, anxiety, and various other serious ailments. The following article contains useful information that can help you excellent ways

Is it so difficult to serve the client through social networks?

The result of the Software Advice experiment is surprising, when none of the 14 brands selected responded to more than a third of the requests by these alleged clients. Above all, the fact that important companies, all of

Facebook takes advantage of the pull of mobile advertising

The effort of Facebook in mobility has been considerable in 2012, both from the perspective of the user and the advertiser, especially after a weak start that made doubts about the solidity of their plans. But Facebook

The Taboo of Social Media: 5 Expressions to Avoid

As in Tabu, the well-known board game where participants had to make their team guess a word avoiding the use of a list of words considered prohibited, or “taboo”, also in Social Media there are terms and

Brands should put the same commitment is their campaigns of social media that in the most traditional

Unilever, P & G and Kraft are companies that own some of the “most social” brands on the market. However, according to a new study, most social campaigns are short-lived, low budget and still can not quantify their

Astroturfing or Bad Crafts to Create False Popularity on the Internet

In the online marketing world, as in all activities, there are legitimate and non-sanctioning practices that deviate from the professional and ethical. In recent times has seen the light a class of techniques called “astroturfing”, which should be

How to define Metrics and KPIs depending on the type of Website

Each web has a general goal, even each process within the same goal could have its particular goals. As it is clear, the objectives do not have to be the same, since not all the sites are dedicated

Getting Started with Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal heating and cooling is a new technology that uses the earth to warm or cool your home. A sustainable, low carbon solution to the problem of temperature control, geothermal techniques are gaining popularity. Here’s how it