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Five reasons why Google bought Motorola

We have all read that Google has bought Motorola at 12.5 billion dollars, continuing with its intention of innovation and definitively entering the Smartphones market. According to Larry Page, the purchase of Motorola is intended to “overload the

Loyalizing customers: The 7 basic steps to enhance the online customer journey

For any company to attract, attract and retain their customers, regardless of the time and place of the interaction they make with them, the marketing strategy must permeate the entire organization and each of its departments in

Internet, a key decision factor in purchases

Internet and Web 2.0 offer an authentic ocean of information in which to compare different products and services, and in which the opinions and recommendations of other users acquire even greater relevance. Conteneo, the company that develops

Formulas for customers to trust their marketing strategies and online Marketing

One of the biggest problems of the Internet is that many people still do not trust the Net. All the new forms of communication had problems in the beginning. When the phone appeared many people came to

Expectations Index of Marketing Directors

The data that has been presented today, corresponding to the forecasts of the marketing directors for this immediate 2nd semester, show two worrisome facts, not only for the professional field of marketing: generally stagnant markets and advertising

The true importance of strategies in Social Media

For now all of us, or at least most of us, know that we need a website and that the question is what we should do with it, not if it should exist. However, we see owners of

The fault is always Mercadona, strategy or chance?

Saying that the current crisis is helping and has helped Mercadona achieve the success it currently has would not be entirely fair because Mercadona’s success has already lasted more than five years. However, it must be recognized that

Small companies, pioneers of new trends in online marketing and Social media

Many companies are rapidly adapting Social Media and blogs, trying to generate synergies and beneficial effects for their SEO strategies in order to have greater reach with their audience and the generation of potential customers. However, despite this,

An introduction to the open hybrid cloud

The concept of the cloud has been around for a few years now, but it has recently spawned a large number of variations including private clouds, public clouds, multi clouds, hybrid clouds, and now open hybrid clouds.

Six factors to consider before applying for a commercial loan

Businesses are diversifying their funding options ten years after the global financial crisis. Image Credit Increasingly they are turning to specialist providers who can access asset finance, peer-to-peer loans and venture capital or private equity investors. Image