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The seven deadly sins of web design

Half of the challenge of creating a good website is nailing the original brief and specification, and a good website is one that actually works technically and for your visitors. What are the mistakes that lead to

Keys to undertaking a successful adventure in social networks

Most brands already have a profile registered in a social network. However, when visiting their profiles, there is no appreciation of any dialogue or activity. They are those brands that have been launched to the adventure without taking into

How does uninterruptible power supply work on a PC?

A power cut at home is inconvenient, but power loss for a business can be extremely costly, even catastrophic. The most obvious loss from a power cut is the loss of productivity, but the reality goes far

How online videos sweep and conquer consumers and brands

For if some absentminded has so far escaped the importance of online video in its digital marketing strategy, or considers that users only pay attention to funny videos of kittens or babies; Nothing further from the reality: Consumers

Online video claims its throne as new King of Content Marketing

We usually say that content is the king, and lately there is a type of content that is gaining more and more value, increasing its wealth and expansion, exercising its dominance also in social networks: this is

Search advertising becomes increasingly mobile

No one seems to have any doubts that mobile advertising is ever more important, a recent study by The Search Agency estimates that in the US. The market share of pay-clicks, which take place on smartphones and tablets,

Does your brand have active followers or only collects fans?

Brands already have some experience online. They created their social profiles and began collecting fans, who in the first instance showed their confidence and continue to be there. But here the thing can not be left. One of the main

Online advertising in social games wins in effectiveness

Advertising in social games are giving better results than conventional online advertising campaigns, generating a higher rate of interactivity, as well as better CTR, according to MediaBrix. Social games are especially attractive to users, who always welcome

2017’s casual office wear trends

Fashion is big business and these days it’s not confined only to downtime or going out. Expressing your personality in the office is open to women and men, and goes beyond a colourful tie! Image Credit Getting

What is Google Local Search?

In the Google local search feature uses Google Maps to display links and other details of local businesses. Previously, this function is used to look like clickable links, but lately, Google has made it an integral part