Best kept web design secrets

Your website is the digital storefront for your business, and as such, it must reflect your brand as well as being user-friendly, allowing your customers to access the information they are looking for and effectively communicate the

Without strategy or interaction, companies in social networks are like souls in pain

They fail to capitalize on their investment, and this disappointment only causes frustration and a very critical attitude towards the effectiveness of these channels. Many companies, especially SMEs, threw themselves into the social networks, attracted by the

Developers claim that mobile advertising networks exaggerated their eCPM

More than 70% of developers are showing little or no satisfaction with the current possibilities they have to carry out marketing and advertising actions in their applications. This is the result of a survey conducted by Chinese

Invest in your van

If you’re a tradesman with a van that you use for work then you might be thinking about ways to get the most out of your investment and improving the way you work. If you want to

Online videos have become the most powerful weapon for brands

The moving image conquers the users, who enjoy consuming videos and sharing them in social networks. In 2012 we consumed 3,000 hours of video, a figure that we have doubled this year. Faced with this new trend, 73% of

Content Marketing or how to attract the customer without intention of direct selling

During the last few years, new concepts and approaches to the market have arrived. These are tools that marketing professionals use to increase brand awareness and trust in consumers by positioning themselves as experts in the field. They

Neglecting the image of the most elegant brands in the network

In haute couture, fashion designers boast and try to shine with their own light every detail that speaks of their brand. All his clothes are carefully presented in multitudinous and millionaire parades, shown by the Top Model

More than 37% of marketing emails already open on mobile devices

Mobile phones and tablets continue to move computers slowly as devices for opening email marketing and are profiled as a decisive factor to take into account for brands in all processes that concern this discipline. Splio, direct marketing

A room of one’s own: why a designated workspace is so important

Working in the coffee shop may have its attractions; however, there are some very good reasons why having a designated workspace is so important. Whether a loft conversion, a cubbyhole under the stairs or a fabulous garden

Social Media Marketing, What am I doing wrong?

Every day we read countless blogs, which give us each a different view on  online marketing  and  social media. This is a habit that I advise everyone, because we will always learn new things and teach us the way to go. In