Internal factors of environment of banking

Internal factors of environment of banking are divided into two parts: A)Factors relating to organization B)Factors relating to bank employees  The factor relating to the organization: Internal factors of the environment of banking Location of bank: The

Basis of all round Management

To achieve the specific goals, managers of banks must be efficient. That is the accuracy of decision making must be ensured in order to reach the goals by focusing on the past, present, and future. This requires

Signs that you’re being let down by your cleaning company

If you’re not happy with your current office cleaning service, don’t waste your money any further and find a cleaning you’re happy with. You’ve hired a cleaning service because you want your office in top condition, hygienic

Challenge a million dollars to create a new Marketing Agency

Who wants a million dollars to start an Agency? This would be the basis of a new contest promoted by MDC Partners, a Toronto-based company that controls the activities of other companies and agencies through participation in their

Insurers to the conquest of mobile technologies and digital marketing

Insurance companies around the world will invest around 84 million dollars in mobile technologies and digital marketing over the next three years.

Every employee should take these refresher courses

It’s very easy for employers to provide induction training to new staff but forget existing staff need training too. Depending on your industry, some training will be mandatory. Other training just makes good business sense; it helps

Five tips for an office fit out

Before committing to relocating to new premises, consider how you could adapt your existing office space. Image Credit If you plan to expand your business, there are plenty of options to customise your current office to allow

Investment in marketing is recovered after ten consecutive quarters of falls in the United Kingdom

According to information from the report developed by the consultancy Bellwether, 21% of companies in the United Kingdom increased their budgets for marketing actions during the first quarter of the year, while only 16% reported cuts in

Suggestions to achieve sales goals in times of crisis

In the current context, the financial crisis that has spread worldwide acts as a filter that is responsible for debugging what is not effective or profitable. In this sense, companies have had to adapt to this changing environment; establishing

Office design trends to look out for

As the way we work changes, so do the places we work in; the offices of a decade ago are unrecognisable today. Now, they are places where staff not only work but relax, recharge their batteries and