Proactivity, a necessary value for the Community Manager?

How many times have we seen job offers in which, among the many requirements for a Community Manager, in addition to extensive and extensive experience, is asked to be proactive? Do you really need a Community Manager

Crucial aspects to encourage engagement

You know that a community is not reduced to one, a figure, but rather it is a set of users, with their own identity, who have a voice and vote; as well as absolute power to decide if

Personalisation is good for business

We are all seeking the most unique and amazing gifts to give this Christmas but with so much choice and mass consumption, it’s hard to find a gift that isn’t owned already or won’t be duplicated. There

The 5 keys to the loyalty strategy through video

It is increasingly difficult to capture the attention of the audience on the Internet. How many lines does a user read before, unconsciously, begin to slide his eyes diagonally from one side of the page to the other? Include

From the Community, listening and the importance of content creation

Content marketing has exploded and has been revealed for some time as the best way to position, not just a website, but a brand. The brands that share quality content are those that, in the end, have a

3 ideas to market more effectively to your members

Marketing a membership programme is no different from marketing any other product or service. To be successful, you must recognise that it is a continual process that needs to be delivered, reviewed and refined regularly. Image Credit

Why develop a mobile marketing campaign?

In the same way that the world dospuntocero has broken with force and has modified many of the habits of users and companies, the zeal for the social thing has caused that we are continuously connected to

TV Ads Lead Way on Advertising-Generated Profit

Advertisers may well be looking at their advertising mix after a new report measuring return on investment (ROI) across different media. Image Credit Commercial TV’s marketing arm, Thinkbox, has produced startling figures comparing TV advertising ROI with

Tips to get more engagement with mobile app

Mobiles have come to redefine the way people relate, as well as people with companies. We have experienced a rapid adoption of these pocket devices, to the point that it is expected that in 2016 80% of the

Users only look for trusted brands to follow in Social Media

There is no doubt that consumers use Social Media for a large number of reasons, but, without a doubt, we can affirm that, if they seek to be emotionally linked to a brand to which they are