Increase in profits for hoteliers

The future looks rosy for hoteliers as year after year figures are growing and they don’t look like they are stopping yet. There are some cheerful predictions ahead. Predictions that are Cheerful Image Credit Making the Right

What is Facilities Management? – Hard vs. Soft

A Facilities Management Definition: “An organization that integrates the functions of the people, places and processes in the built environment with the aim of improving the quality of life and productivity of the core business.” Quite simple

SEO is definitely still relevant

SEO has long been a vital part of any business strategy, with effective use of SEO greatly enhancing the visibility of a website in search rankings; however, as time has trundled by and SEO has evolved, some

Home removal and the stresses it can cause

Anyone who has moved home or been through the buying and selling process knows how stressful the entire experience can be.  So many elements seem to be out of your control, such as, when will someone make

How the web can level the playing field for small business

Before the internet it was hard for smaller businesses to compete with large ones because they lacked the resources to exploit traditional marketing routes to reach out to customers. In the modern era, access to the web

Standing Out in the Marketing World at Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is also the most competitive. When trying to promote your business, Christmas can be a fantastic opportunity to capture your audience’s imagination and attention. However, with plenty of businesses trying

Starbucks closed 6,800 cafes to train employees in discrimination awareness

May a few years ago, Starbucks decided to close its stores in the US for one day of discrimination awareness training. The loss of income for that one day will amount to millions of dollars. But Starbucks

Why use a financial advisor and other legal experts when considering emigration?

If you’ve decided to emigrate abroad but you’re not sure what steps to take, you’ve come to the right place. There is a lot to consider when you are thinking about emigration, and the process is different

Huge Pink Floyd exhibition will be held at the V&A

The visual creativity of one of the world’s most influential bands was celebrated at the V&A Museum in London a few years ago to mark the 50th anniversary of a landmark London gig.

What are the qualities needed to be a carer?

Are you sick and tired of your current job? Perhaps you have undergone a job personality test and realized you are not in the right job for your personality? If the new year feels like the year