How to improve the experience of customers and consumers in the Media and Social Networking

Social Media has changed the business relationship with their customers without doubt. They are now more important than ever the actions that lead to a unique consumer experience with which, brands must interact paying greater attention more continuously

Social Media Metrics will be the center of attention

From the earliest days of the Internet, expectations and prospects detailed metrics were grown in the hope that sometime could know the preferences and behaviors of customers, unprecedented until then. Today, that has been partially materialized, it

The Impact of Brexit on Corporate Rental Allowances

If you are one of many top employees making a move back to London from an EU location, such as Milan, Paris or Frankfurt, you may be in for somewhat of a shock. While you might expect

10 common and very common mistakes companies and brands in social media

Social networks provide brands a unique opportunity to come into direct contact with users and consumers, which is why these communication channels must be managed properly to fulfill their function within the digital marketing strategy. When not

Offers and discounts, the key to conquer women in social networks

Women continue to brands on social networks especially looking for deals and discounts. A behavior that stand out above the opposite gender, whose interests are more diverse, according to the latest data published by Disruptive Communications in the

Setting up a retail business

Anyone starting a retail business in 2016 would be forgiven for thinking that the only route is online, however businesses can still have a high street presence and for many businesses there is no reason why ‘virtual’

Setting Up Online

If you are considering setting up an online company but are concerned about having the time and money to make it pay in the first few months, you could try setting up an eBay store. This provides

Talent; pragmatic creativity

This time a written strictly specific marketing or communication not I bring you as usual. Today my thoughts go to the changing situation where talent, shared commitment and creativity all harmonically combined must be the best marketing plan

Key and essential aspects of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social networks are an important tool for online marketing. Its great advantage lies in its ability to reach the target audience and encourage engagement unobtrusively. Therefore, before launching into “brand building” in Social Media, should act on a strategy,

The Importance of Kitchen Ductwork Cleaning

It can be easy to forget all about the ductwork systems in a commercial kitchen. After all, there is so much else going on that the inner workings of kitchen extracts are probably one of the last