Owning a Restaurant

Many people dream of opening a restaurant, but it isn’t a venture that suits everyone. Here are some characteristics every restauranteur should have: They must like people and enjoy making conversation with their customers. Understanding and communicative,

Creativity, Innovation, Quality and Active Listening, pillars of the success of social media marketing

Often what users of their social networks want is to achieve a large number of followers from the beginning. Although it is normal to think in this way, we must be a bit realistic, it often takes time

Investing time in content is investing time in advertising

Creative tools, which have used advertising to attract the attention of potential customers, begin to lose efficiency. In businesses and micro-SMEs it is easier to perceive the inability of conventional advertising to get customers. Advertising media on the Internet,

Google Penguin: Robot portrait of the guardian of the SEO

Google gave a twist to their precious algorithm, staggering the rules of the game SEO. In its ongoing crusade to improve the quality of search results, Google Penguin is presented as an arch enemy of blackhat, over-optimization, the

Entrepreneur, how social is your company?

Of all those entrepreneurs who over the years or months have made the jump to their companies within social networks, a good part of them, do not really believe in the potential of these tools. They are there

The best places to invest in student accommodation

The demand for student accommodation is as high as ever, with the need for property exceeding supply across Britain. A shrewd investor could see impressive yields, so let’s look at the best places to invest. Image Credit

How to choose fabric for a starter project

If you’ve just started out with the new hobby of dress making, you might be overwhelmed by the huge choice in fabrics available. So, what are the best fabrics for beginners? When you’re just starting out, you’ll

Mobile revolution: A reality to which all companies must adapt

A really astronomical figure, especially if we take into account that the short space of time in which it has been achieved. The smartphone, along with the other pocket screens, have entered our life through the front door,

Customer service in social networks: Keys to define an action policy

The online marketing strategy of any company should include an action policy. In this way the different departments of the company will know how to act in any circumstance. This code of conduct should not be an influential billet

What VoIP systems are available?

VoIP systems are rapidly becoming the norm, both in business and home settings, but most people know little about them. If asked about VoIP, they will probably mention Skype; while this is an example of VoIP, it