10 Essential Tips and Keys to Engaging in Social Media

Much is said about “ Engagement “, which could be translated as “customer loyalty” or “commitment marketing”. But do we know what it is? We refer to the term Engagement, when we talk about these social links with the consumer, directing

Internet is mobile and users no longer distinguish between screens

Companies primarily value your business. Everything that reverts to your benefit and development translates into trust and investment towards any provider. It is evident that in a field as solicitous and hectic as it is the Internet, the

TV antennas are making a comeback – here’s why

Over the past 20 years or so, TV seems to have been moving steadily away from traditional broadcasts towards satellite and cable services which offer viewers a wider range of channels along with premium sports and movie

Can you spy a job opportunity?

If you fancy a job with a difference and don’t mind a lengthy and very thorough recruitment process then why not consider a career in intelligence? GCHQ , MI5 and MI6 are at the head of national

Teaching others to drive

A driving instructor has to be a very patient individual who is able to teach people to develop the skills and knowledge they need to pass their driving test. Let’s take a look at the qualities needed

The invitation to social activity in online ads promotes consumer interaction

Companies that include elements of social activity and engagement in their ads, get consumers to interact more closely with their brands on social platforms, according to the results of a recent study by Burst Media, the digital

The risk of defenders too in love with the brand

By all is known the potential of the online medium to generate brand Defenders, those users who have moved from a state of constant admiration towards our company’s commitment to a proactive state actively defending us if

Who is your ideal customer?

Do you really know your customer? If you’re revamping your website, then you benefit from knowing how you should be designing it to reflect exactly what your ideal customer needs. Knowing your customer is the backbone of

Inbound Marketing: Selling Without Bothering

As a general rule, everyone bothered to come to our house to sell us the “Encyclopedia”, to call us constantly by offering us a change of telephone company, to stop us on the Metro on the way

SEO Technician vs. Online Marketing Specialist

Let’s start by establishing the fundamental and starting point: an SEO technician is not the same as a marketing specialist. What are the similarities and differences? Several, let us review one by one according to certain objectives: Optimization