Users only look for trusted brands to follow in Social Media

There is no doubt that consumers use Social Media for a large number of reasons, but, without a doubt, we can affirm that, if they seek to be emotionally linked to a brand to which they are

Attraction Marketing vs Conventional Marketing

It has been 14 years since Seth Godin coined the term “Permission Marketing” in which he proposed that in front of a strange person, we had little chance of converting him directly into a client. This theory indicated

You can not conceive an SEO strategy that excludes Social Media

Newbriefing’s SEO-SMO director, Marcos Maceira, gives an interview this week to the Webpositer agency where he analyzes the latest changes made by Google’s algorithm, the influence of Social Media Marketing on the positioning of the brand or the obstacles it

Customer service in Social Media: When, how and what to say

At this point no one escapes since social networks have been constituted as the new loudspeaker for customers, an open and transparent means to be heard and in which they hope to find the attention they deserve. The

Mobile companies and operators: A lot of technology but little sensitivity and attention to the client

Although it is difficult to believe, the network is full of negative comments about all types of companies, and yet we are surprised that they seem to ignore it or not care too much, and continue their

Losing the fear of Content Marketing

Much has been written about content being the king, that content marketing or inboud marketing are a key piece in the digital marketing strategy of companies … Right! There is no doubt that without good content will not

2017 is shaping up as the year of engagement and concern for the consumer

We have already entered the last quarter of the year, and irremediably our eyes are on next year, 2017, which is waiting for us around the corner. It is time to reflect, and take stock, what progress have

Are companies throwing their money doing mobile advertising?

We should not confuse Marketing with Advertising, and in this sense everything related to the mobile technology and marketing sector acquires important nuances.

What is web evolution?

The prevalence of web templates, social media and mobile technology has caused many to fervently discuss the decimation of traditional web design. Although this arguably isn’t the case, it is important to acknowledge the important shift that

Brands are outlined as the leading producers of informative content

Creative director and Social Media Strategist Juan Boronat says that the goal of companies today should be to become a “conversation argument” of users. To this end, the expert recommends that SMEs “put themselves in the user’s shoes,