Art vs Design

Art and design might seem, at first glance, like interchangeable terms which mean the same thing and although there are similarities between what they both accomplish, they are very different indeed. They share factors such as they

The 10 biggest mistakes of firms in social networks

Nearly 90 percent of startups have a presence in social networks, but only 17.4% of large companies and 9% of consolidated microenterprises Social networks have become a basic channel for companies that want to communicate with their

Why 80% of the content generated by companies do not work?

80% of the content of a web does not work. It is a fact that overwhelms anyone. Apparently, your efforts to generate content and keep your updated web are in vain. InboundWriter study it indicates that as much as 20%

Specs vs Contacts

So you’ve been informed that you need to wear glasses. Do you go for glasses or contact lenses? This is going to boil down to personal preference, lifestyle, comfort, convenience and the way you look. One is

The e-commerce cannot live without search engines

Search engines remain the main source of reference traffic online shops.This does not imply that they are also means more converts. Monetate data reaffirm the importance of SEO in online marketing strategy for this sector. Monetate study indicates

Adapt for the future

When you are designing a new website, it is easy not to look beyond the end of your nose. You probably know that your site needs to be mobile responsive. You’re definitely aware that it needs to

The industries that offer the highest salaries for electrical engineers.

The prospects for careers in electrical engineers have never been better. New industries and processes are revolutionising today’s marketplace, with industries becoming increasingly competitive when it comes to finding high-quality candidates.

Where the content Marketing headed?

Search engines reward good content, users and customers as well. Not much to discuss an upward trend: 27,000 pieces of content are published every day, from the most diverse sources. Companies have taken to generate content to keep up

Users interact with mobile advertising more weekends

Comes the weekend, a few days ahead to disconnect, to do something different, to enjoy a little company who prefer. A period of relaxation before which advertisers are rubbing their hands. This emerges from a new study by Adform,

How to discover a true professional of social media through their virtues?

On many occasions, many companies in their quest for social media professionals pose different profiles according to their own needs and objectives. These professionals must however meet a number of requirements and outstanding knowledge. In many cases, the