Social Media: Do not stop in the middle

There is a story that speaks of a football club that was going through an extraordinarily bad run, in which everything went as it should not be: they did not win games, they were not in good

What should you keep in mind when looking for a Community Manager?

The most frequent conclusion? It’s time to look for a Community Manager. ” This is the real scenario that many organizations face today. The figure of the Community Manager has undoubtedly become a key and high-profile piece in

What to expect from Google this year

SEO specialists have always got their eyes open and their ears to the ground for the latest Google updates that might have an impact on their client’s website. Here are some things we can expect to see

The Burn Out Syndrome: When the Community Manager runs out

At this point we are all aware and we have read on more than one website what a Community Manager is, what tasks should be developed and what are its main obligations. This professional is someone who

Can it be any Community Managers trainer?

No. The answer is no and a thousand times no. In the same way that we are not all ready to teach quantum physics, not all of us are trained to train future Community Managers. There are many

NHS funding crisis impacts clinical trials

Ever-decreasing funding levels have presented a difficult challenge for the NHS in recent years, with many of its services struggling and coming under scrutiny; now, new research has uncovered a worrying new trend. Image Credit Cutbacks are

How to be a better business communicator

People do business with people, not businesses, which is why it is vital to make a great first impression. Everyone who works for a company is an ambassador for the brand, so you need to look good

How Injection Moulding and 3D Printing Can Be Used Together

When 3D printing first came along, many people thought it was the end of injection moulding. Why bother to set up expensive tooling for moulds when you could load up a CAD program, see the object and

The true value of social networks for SMEs

I have the opportunity to give many conferences and workshops a year on social media and digital marketing in general, and always, I regret not being able to give more examples of campaigns on social networks of

How far can a comment on the internet determine the decision of a purchase?

Can a comment on the network determine a purchase decision on the Internet? Do we choose a product or service based on opinion on a website? Can a patient opt ​​for a particular doctor based on the opinion of