What strategies used by marketers to increase their databases?

The main purpose of email marketing strategies is to sell, but also generating brand awareness and deepening customer knowledge have an important gap in planning. But the truth is that its success is largely on the quality and

Trends in Internet Shopping

Just a few years ago, the concept of easy and convenient shopping on the web would have been unimaginable to most people. In modern times, technology is developing at a startling rate, and more importantly, it is

Mobile search play a key role in choosing restaurant

The mobile plays an important role among consumers when choosing a restaurant. The study published earlier this year by ConstantContact indicated that 92% of respondents had sought a restaurant online with their mobile in the last 6 months.

Buying discharge equipment for your bulk bags? 5 more things to know first

Having made the decision to use bulk bags, there are a number of considerations which must be taken into account. The first five featured in our previous article, but here are five more to bear in mind.

Why your brand matters to your bottom line

Your brand epitomises your business. It represents you, your workforce, your product or service, your values and importantly, it acts as a pledge to your customers to always live up to your name. Image Credit Why does

Why the internet is changing to be more mobile friendly

In many ways the internet has been shaped by the people who use it, with browsing habits and tech trends helping to reformulate the way that websites are designed and services are offered online. Image Credit At

New training initiative to support next generation of joiners and shopfitters

A new network of training providers and educational establishments has been launched by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), in order to create a respected Centre of Excellence. The organisers of the nationwide scheme aim to identify outlets

How to improve the experience of customers and consumers in the Media and Social Networking

Social Media has changed the business relationship with their customers without doubt. They are now more important than ever the actions that lead to a unique consumer experience with which, brands must interact paying greater attention more continuously

Social Media Metrics will be the center of attention

From the earliest days of the Internet, expectations and prospects detailed metrics were grown in the hope that sometime could know the preferences and behaviors of customers, unprecedented until then. Today, that has been partially materialized, it

The Impact of Brexit on Corporate Rental Allowances

If you are one of many top employees making a move back to London from an EU location, such as Milan, Paris or Frankfurt, you may be in for somewhat of a shock. While you might expect