“Demand is key and SMEs must understand that now we have to go out and look for the customer

Companies must refocus their business model through market innovation and customer orientation in order to grow. This is the main conclusion reached yesterday by the different SMEs that met on the day “Strategies of commercial growth with results”,

E-mail and social networks stress workers

The consultant People-OnTheGo has presented a survey that reveals that most of the workers interviewed are overwhelmed by the huge amount of emails they handle as well as dealing with the monitoring and use of social media. Another

Digital coupons, a booming marketing strategy to increase sales

According to a recent study developed by the company Marx and Kantar Media Intelligence, which oversees promotional activity through various media, the number of digital coupons offered by companies and brands to customers and consumers has increased

2 out of 3 online consumers always buy from the same internet store

71% of the buyers were unable to mention a secondary establishment where they make their purchases online in drugstore, perfumery and personal hygiene, according to the barometer study of the 2010 distribution of TNS. This figure demonstrates

The sector of the digital industry demands a self-regulation of the new advertising channels

During the round table held last Friday in Brussels, and in which different aspects and issues related to the benefits of Internet advertising were analyzed, Neelie Kroes, vice-president of the European Commission and curator of the Digital

Advertising investment in passenger cars grew by 12% in the first half

Advertising investment in passenger cars grew by 12% in the first half. In the first six months of 2017 this investment was 260 million euros, while in 2018 it reached 291 million. According to the latest Sectoral Report

Is digital marketing “turning off” conventional marketing?

In recent years and especially after the emergence of social networks and social media, many believe that consumers are “turning off” traditional marketing.

The gender pay gap has also hit graphic and web design

With the recent controversy hitting the headlines related to the gender pay gap in high-profile industries by some of the world’s biggest organisations, it has now been revealed that women in graphic and web design industries also

5 of the most common engine problems diagnosed

When the engine light comes on in your car, the panic can set in and the pound signs can start to flash. A lot of people have little knowledge about the inner workings of a car and

How to Develop Content that Enamored Google

87% of the queries that users make on the internet do so using Google and its goal is to offer its users “the best and highest quality” of information they are looking for, Google rewards sites that