Can a brand reputation crisis be caused by its managers?

Is there any kind of relationship between a reputational crisis and the work done by the managers of that brand? A brand reputation crisis has some kind of link between it and the work carried out by

The ‘Poisoned Assets’ for marketing managers

We all know the meaning of toxic active; but for marketing managers there is another type of more important assets, which I call “poisoned assets”, and which represent the people of the organization that harm the relationship with

5 financial predictions for 2019

If there is one topic that is guaranteed to make people nervous, it is what will happen to their money. So looking ahead, here are some solid indicators of what will happen in the fiscal world for

Central Lechera Asturiana: Lesson learned or lost opportunity?

Unlike those of countries like the United States or England, it seems that our brands still find it a titanic task to recognize their mistakes and ask for forgiveness. As shown by the very recent and still very

Many traditional advertising agencies are losing the train of the digital age

A study conducted by CMO Council, reveals that only 9% of marketing executives and senior executives believe that traditional advertising agencies are doing a good job in terms of evolution and expansion of their digital capabilities. On

The benefits of equity release advice

A valuable tool which allows you to free cash from your property after retirement, equity release products are growing ever-popular. Image Credit However, if you are considering equity release, it is essential that you seek specialist advice

Reasons to attend conferences

When most employees are told they need to attend a conference, a collective groan can be heard. However, here are some important reasons why employees should be encouraged to attend live events. To keep sharp The most

Sales of electronic commerce in Europe would grow by 25% if existing regulations were unified

40% of buyers in the European Union use the Internet to purchase goods and services, according to the European Commission 25% of European retail is convinced that it could increase its total business figure by 25% with

Traditional commerce at a new crossroads

For some time now, media and experts are lavishing in endless discussions about certain aspects that influence trade. The possibility of recovery of the traditional business, the extension of the commercial hours of the physical stores to 24

Customer Experience: How to avoid ruining it by improving queue management

Differentiate or die. This motto summarizes the main strategies of all those who sell products or services. However, differentiating is increasingly difficult, because everything is copied at an amazing speed: products, services, stores, websites, business models …