The 4 C’s of Social Media that you should know

When developing a Social Media strategy, there are many unknowns that arise in which social networks should I be? How do you get followers? What can I say to get your attention? Regardless of your sector, or the budget you

Contextual content still keeps sending over multimedia

Three out of every four CEOs under the age of 50 claim to “consume mainly information online”, and they also recognize 2 out of 3 age over 50, according to the results of a survey conducted by

How Bad Web Design May Harm Your Business Venture

Nowadays it’s easier than ever before to create your own business website using one of the many ‘drag and drop’ template services on offer. The adverts boast that they’re so easy to use and anyone can create

52% of buyers are already looking for car through the mobile

Judging by the figures, the latest generation devices have marked a before and after in the process of buying a vehicle. Such is its influence that there are already more drivers who opt for the ‘showcase’ of their

The importance of having a customer service policy in social networks

Customer service on social networks is no longer an option. It is the customers themselves who approach the company, looking for a response to a problem, or a solution. For customers it is the fastest method to contact

Mobile advertising continues to grow but Europe does not appreciate its value

Mobile advertising continues to grow. According to IAB, in 2012 experienced a 148% growth over the previous year in the United Kingdom, whose volume exceeded for the first time the barrier of 5 billion pounds. Mobile investment accounted for

7 Things to Keep in Mind to Manage Online Reputation

Online reputation is the most precious asset of every brand. It is the basis for the confidence of the customers, the impulse that encourages them to bet on a brand, or to flee from it like the plague.

Automatic For The People

What is automation? Quite simply, it’s the use of control systems for operating equipment with reduced or minimal human intervention required. You’ll see examples of automation in machinery, processes in factories, telephone networks and in aircraft or

The Relevance of Photographs and Images in Content Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, almost … We’ve listened to this phrase for life, so why do so many companies still do not take advantage of the visual appeal of the photos to give color

Working as a Sexual Health Advisor

Sexual health advisers look after the physical and mental wellbeing of patients who have been diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), in particular HIV. They provide information, advice and counselling to individuals and groups, as well as