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Twitter strategy: 10 Creative Actions to boost your business

Twitter The strategy is very important. There are many users and companies using this popular social network and the “timeline” (or main wall) of twitter is increasingly saturated. Information is happening very fast and you only have

The intrapreneurship: How to generate new business from within

When we talk about entrepreneurs the first figure that comes to mind is that of a person who is in the process of building a new company with a generated activity from 0. Without going into the

What is a prosumer? Why is it important to be to make your business thrive?

If we look a few years ago, and not long ago, we had a scenario where companies were producing content and most with a strong advertising load. At that time the consumer only played the role of

What is the most suitable type of Web for your business?

A Web site is not only our presentation card in the digital economy is and should be the mechanism to exploit our online business model. Therefore, a Web is much more than the online customer registration, product

6 keys to undertake your own business

If your dream is to launch your own business and do not know how, here are 6 key that will be your kickoff. Keys to Entrepreneurial an Own Business Many people looking to start a business itself,

Lenovo wants to be more efficient as it will lay off 3,200 workers and rely on Motorola’s mobile business

Lenovo must become a more efficient company, they want their CEO Yang Yuanqing, and so is going to get to move heaven and earth to get it, of course. For starters will reduce staff by 5%, which

6 business ideas that no one has tried, yet!

A man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds. Well this phrase is very true because history shows us that many great entrepreneurs have been labeled as “insane” because they dared to propose

Drones for commercial use, a business where everyone wants to be

It is quite possible that the next technological revolution is at the door and has to do with the implementation of drones for commercial use. For those less familiar with the term, let me tell you that

11 good ideas to grow your business

All companies include growth as a natural part of its objectives. Well, either that you have two or twenty collaborators, always you are interested in your business to grow and expand. However, as the company is beginning