Who is your ideal customer?

Do you really know your customer? If you’re revamping your website, then you benefit from knowing how you should be designing it to reflect exactly what your ideal customer needs. Knowing your customer is the backbone of any marketing strategy and sales tactics that you wish to employ. Once you have your ideal customer profile, it will be easier to find more just like them, engineer better solutions for their problems and understand how to sell to them.

Success begins with knowing your audience and if you do this properly then your marketing can build relationships by the use of rapport, empathy and trust. They need to know that you understand how they feel. If you want to turn prospects into buyers then you need to know what makes them tick. Not many small businesses effectively research their customer to any great extent so this will give you a wonderful competitive edge and enable you to save your resources to target those that will give you the biggest reward. For Norwich Web design, visit https://cd2solutions.co.uk/services/web-design.

Here are just some of the benefits of knowing your customer:

  • You’ll feel much less stress when working with your ideal customers
  • Your whole company will be singing from the same hymn sheet with no confusion over who you’re selling to
  • Your message and effects will be highly focused
  • You’ll attract perfect customers and waste much less time
  • You’ll have much more information at your fingertips enabling you to improve your product and services for your target audience

Who is your ideal customer

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that volume is the secret to driving sales. Customers are not stupid and will know immediately if an email is not personalized and relevant. Sending thousands of emails and hoping to get one customer is not really an effective long term option. Sending untargeted emails could insult customers and make them much more likely to mark you as spam. This is why a customer profile is so important so you can reach out to the right people and stop you wasting your time.

Online research can be really helpful – knowing their grievances and issues, listening to their tone and understanding will enable you to approach them with the information you need to properly communicate with them. Even if you’re sending out a large mass of emails, always write them as if you are addressing just one person. They need to sound personalized and casual, try to approach it as if you’re writing for someone you know. Avoid jargon or overly casual language but the key is to make it sound like it is anything other than a mass produced, impersonal sales message.

So you’ve decided to become totally customer-centric and that’s great but you need to move beyond saying it and focus on it. Nobody is perfect and acknowledging that you don’t yet know everything about your customer is fine because there is value in making mistakes. It’s better to know that what you’ve been doing up until now is wrong so that you can stop wasting valuable resources and get onto the right track.

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