Every employee should take these refresher courses

It’s very easy for employers to provide induction training to new staff but forget existing staff need training too. Depending on your industry, some training will be mandatory. Other training just makes good business sense; it helps keep staff motivated and makes sure their skills and knowledge are up-to-date, potentially increasing productivity. The best way to make sure this training happens is to develop an annual training programme. When you do, make sure to include the following five training courses.

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1. Health and safety

There are over 621,000 serious workplace accidents in the UK every year and many of these could have been avoided if staff had received health and safety training relevant to their workplace. Training should include hazards or risks staff might encounter, what to do if there is an accident or incident and any emergency procedures that are in place.

2. Bullying and harassment

Every person you employ has the right to be kept safe at work and to be able to carry out their duties free from bullying and harassment, both of which can lead to higher rates of absence, poor retention rates and low morale. Training should look at what is unacceptable behaviour and the legal responsibilities of both staff and managers.

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3. Information governance

With so much work being done on computers nowadays, and that work often been stored on cloud-based systems, you need to train your staff on information governance to make sure they keep your company and your customer data safe. You can find suitable information governance training, along with many other online training resource for business through companies such as https://commonsensebusiness.co.uk/, helping you train staff well but also in a way that does not take too much time away from other activities.

4. Customer service

If your company has customers, which is most businesses out there, your staff will benefit from customer service training. This will help them learn customer-focused skills and behaviours that lead to increased customer satisfaction, benefitting your business.

5. Regulatory compliance

All companies are required to work to government legislation, including health and safety regulations already mentioned. Staff should receive training in all aspects of their work that are impacted by legislation, including equality and diversity, and environmental protection to make sure your company is not put at risk by non-compliance.