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How mobile phone applications can make our daily life easier

In recent years there’s been a significant move away from desktop and laptop systems towards mobile devices, partly due to rapid advances in smartphone technology and the availability of affordable tablets. Whilst this is convenient for the

An introduction to the open hybrid cloud

The concept of the cloud has been around for a few years now, but it has recently spawned a large number of variations including private clouds, public clouds, multi clouds, hybrid clouds, and now open hybrid clouds.

Apple faces the lack of interest of its advertising platform

This was the first attempt that Apple made to enter into advertising, a market in which they move every day interesting amounts of money due mainly to the expansion of the iPhone, more than 100 million new

4 things you should not do with your phone

We shared a few rules of etiquette when using your cell phone that will prevent bother people around you. My colleague in seat 3B in the morning flight from San Francisco to New York had a problem.

Electrocoagulation: a popular approach to wastewater treatment

One of the basic facts of human beings is that we need water to survive. Unfortunately, because of the rising population across the globe, and the impacts of climate change, the amount of drinkable water is becoming

Things To Remember Before Using Reverse Phone Lookup

Technology has always acted as a double edged sword. While it has been helping human kind with modern conveniences, it has also given amazing weapons to anyone who chooses to handle it unethically. Today we have also

Pigeonhut Hosted Sharepoint Package

Hosted Sharepoint at Pigeon hut comes with a package that includes email storage, outlook access on desktop, owned domain name, online support of 24 by 7, an allowance of a large attachment of files that go up


Xiaomi as of late dispatched Mi4 at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona with new gimmicks and some arguments. The most recent participant is this sprint is the uber-cool Xiaomi Mi5 which we trust will make its

How Does An ASP.NET CMS Serve Your Website?

All the business organizations these days need to develop rapidly as their necessities fluctuate incredibly with the taking off business patterns. Everybody searches for top of the line quality and financially savvy custom web development applications to

Lenovo wants to be more efficient as it will lay off 3,200 workers and rely on Motorola’s mobile business

Lenovo must become a more efficient company, they want their CEO Yang Yuanqing, and so is going to get to move heaven and earth to get it, of course. For starters will reduce staff by 5%, which