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The Taboo of Social Media: 5 Expressions to Avoid

As in Tabu, the well-known board game where participants had to make their team guess a word avoiding the use of a list of words considered prohibited, or “taboo”, also in Social Media there are terms and

Keys to undertaking a successful adventure in social networks

Most brands already have a profile registered in a social network. However, when visiting their profiles, there is no appreciation of any dialogue or activity. They are those brands that have been launched to the adventure without taking into

Useful guide to promote your brand in Pinterest

Pinterest is the social network that has experienced the greatest growth. It was the last one to arrive, but it has been stomping. Its high visual appeal, coupled with a very intuitive use, allowed it to grow more than

Social Media: Being or Not Being

Today, it seems that brands are experiencing a new digital frenzy, similar to the one they lived years ago with the boom of websites. When the Internet began its vertiginous growth, many, but many brands and companies

The 4 C’s of Social Media that you should know

When developing a Social Media strategy, there are many unknowns that arise in which social networks should I be? How do you get followers? What can I say to get your attention? Regardless of your sector, or the budget you

10 Essential Tips and Keys to Engaging in Social Media

Much is said about “ Engagement “, which could be translated as “customer loyalty” or “commitment marketing”. But do we know what it is? We refer to the term Engagement, when we talk about these social links with the consumer, directing

Can the behavior of employees in social networks influence the brand image?

Social networking has many benefits for businesses. They represent a low-cost medium that enables them to more easily engage in Engagement activities both for the general public and for their company staff (endomarketing). However, it is a double-edged

Without strategy or interaction, companies in social networks are like souls in pain

They fail to capitalize on their investment, and this disappointment only causes frustration and a very critical attitude towards the effectiveness of these channels. Many companies, especially SMEs, threw themselves into the social networks, attracted by the

Social Media Marketing, What am I doing wrong?

Every day we read countless blogs, which give us each a different view on  online marketing  and  social media. This is a habit that I advise everyone, because we will always learn new things and teach us the way to go. In

The business investment in Social media will continue to grow over the next 5 years

Measure the ROI of social media remains the Achilles heel of many companies and a challenge for marketers. Only 15% of marketers are able to quantitatively demonstrate the results of its strategic marketing activities in social networks. A fact