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Social media users are more predisposed to collaborate with brands

As social media becomes more popular as a means of increasing customer relationships, social media users around the world claim to be more willing to collaborate in a wide variety of areas, with the companies that attract

The integration of customer service with Social Media is increasing

When we ask companies for their degree of integration into Social Media, they recognize a gradual adaptation to this new medium; but this integration has not yet given way to a practical application, that social networks have really

Does Social Media really influence users and consumers?

Customers are already in Social Media, have appropriated this medium, where they interact with their friends and family, make new contacts, also with their favorite brands, from those who expect some kind of approach. 87% of users follow

The risks and negative aspects of Social Media also exist

Social networks are not an infallible method that provides success to any brand that uses them, but can also hurt if it is not managed correctly. As one example, we all remember the case of #McDStories, where

Mobility drives social media but its advertising effectiveness remains dubious

This year there is no doubt, mobility is playing a very important role in the turnover of many businesses and businesses. But not only that, according to Nielsen’s Social Media Report 2012, mobile devices have also become very

How Social Media will change the way we work in 2018

Social networks already flood our day to day, which includes our working day. According to a recent report from Learnstuff internet users spend more than 24 hours a month on a social platform. This does not have to be

The 4 Social Media metrics to focus on

In the ROI era, practically any marketing action that makes a mark, must be accompanied by its corresponding metric to evaluate it. The mantra of that which can not be measured, can not be managed, has penetrated deeply, and

The Taboo of Social Media: 5 Expressions to Avoid

As in Tabu, the well-known board game where participants had to make their team guess a word avoiding the use of a list of words considered prohibited, or “taboo”, also in Social Media there are terms and

Keys to undertaking a successful adventure in social networks

Most brands already have a profile registered in a social network. However, when visiting their profiles, there is no appreciation of any dialogue or activity. They are those brands that have been launched to the adventure without taking into

Useful guide to promote your brand in Pinterest

Pinterest is the social network that has experienced the greatest growth. It was the last one to arrive, but it has been stomping. Its high visual appeal, coupled with a very intuitive use, allowed it to grow more than