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What are the tax implications of rental refurbishments?

Many people with money to invest like the security of putting it into property. It’s no surprise, then, that there’s big demand for properties to rent out. With interest rates still low, rental property can offer an

Why Work as a Locum GP?

Today many people are looking for different ways of working – ones that do not restrict them to a specific role, workplace or 40-hour week. Medical professionals are no different in this and, for those who are

Beware of Home Improvement Scammers

It’s the time to be on high alert for all those hit by Hurricane Sandy or are looking to get home improvement at this point of time. The time is very important because during the times when some place

Lifestyle Change: Be A Vegetarian

November 1 is the World Vegan Day and with vegetarianism becoming a lifestyle, people are trying to incorporate healthy diets to maintain good health. It has been seen that often with a busy lifestyle and working schedules,

Wie Technologie die Bauindustrie verändert

Die Bauindustrie wird nur langsam digitalisiert, aber all das könnte sich jetzt ändern. Es ist eine Revolution im Gange, in der Technik eine große Rolle in Bezug auf die Kostenreduzierung, Förderung von Gesundheit und Sicherheit sowie Effizienz

What to expect from Google this year

SEO specialists have always got their eyes open and their ears to the ground for the latest Google updates that might have an impact on their client’s website. Here are some things we can expect to see

NHS funding crisis impacts clinical trials

Ever-decreasing funding levels have presented a difficult challenge for the NHS in recent years, with many of its services struggling and coming under scrutiny; now, new research has uncovered a worrying new trend. Image Credit Cutbacks are

How to be a better business communicator

People do business with people, not businesses, which is why it is vital to make a great first impression. Everyone who works for a company is an ambassador for the brand, so you need to look good

How Injection Moulding and 3D Printing Can Be Used Together

When 3D printing first came along, many people thought it was the end of injection moulding. Why bother to set up expensive tooling for moulds when you could load up a CAD program, see the object and

7 Different Ways to Pop the Question

A proposal is one of the most important events in many people’s lives, so a lot of thought has to go into the timing and planning. Usually when you propose your loved one already realizes you’ll be