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Scottish exports to the EU grew last year

In the year following the Brexit vote, Scottish exports to the EU increased by £1.7 billion pounds. This means that for Scotland, it’s vitally important that we get a good deal in the Brexit negotiations. Food and

Six key facts every buy-to-let landlord needs to know

Buy-to-let landlords have been under pressure in recent times from a variety of sources, so it may be time to consider a few issues that could affect your portfolio in 2019. Image Credit 1. With the new

5 financial predictions for 2019

If there is one topic that is guaranteed to make people nervous, it is what will happen to their money. So looking ahead, here are some solid indicators of what will happen in the fiscal world for

The benefits of equity release advice

A valuable tool which allows you to free cash from your property after retirement, equity release products are growing ever-popular. Image Credit However, if you are considering equity release, it is essential that you seek specialist advice

Reasons to attend conferences

When most employees are told they need to attend a conference, a collective groan can be heard. However, here are some important reasons why employees should be encouraged to attend live events. To keep sharp The most

How to Create a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign in Four Steps

With the long-term trends indicating that digital marketing continues to dominate, there is no escaping the fact that the internet is able to reach more people, more frequently, at any time and location. However, it is easy

How the new Birchbox web design is driving its business forward

First launched in 2010, Birchbox was credited with revamping the beauty industry, thanks to its innovative sales model. The company prepares monthly beauty boxes that its members subscribe to, which enables them to try out a wide

An Introduction to Tapping

In order to get a strong fastening and a joint that won’t pull out a screw or a nail without substantial force, construction professionals don’t drill – they tap. But they aren’t tap dancing. They’re using machines

Small Businesses Should Invest in Occupational Health Services

It is common to find occupational health services widely available in larger organisations, but not so much in small businesses. However, there are some important reasons why small to medium-sized businesses should seriously consider investing in such

Alternative Living That Is Cheaper Than a House

Gone are the days of buying a property to pass on to your children, and even making a large profit when moving on to something bigger for the growing family. Increasing numbers of young people are staying