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7 Different Ways to Pop the Question

A proposal is one of the most important events in many people’s lives, so a lot of thought has to go into the timing and planning. Usually when you propose your loved one already realizes you’ll be

How a Conservatory UK Can Enhance and Improve Your Home

Conservatories are a really popular extension choice for homeowners today and there are many reasons why they are so popular. They offer great benefits in enhancing a home and can recreate the home as you knew it. The availability

How Brexit Could Impact on the Letting Agency Industry

The letting agency industry is probably going to be affected by Brexit because of the high proportion of EU nationals renting properties in the UK. It is thought that 20 per cent of rental properties are being

5 More Ways to Better Manage Your Suppliers in 2018

One of the most important parts of running a business is the management of your suppliers. Image Credit A supplier is more than just a company you hire; they are an entity essential to establishing your business

The things you need to know about landlords insurance

If you are a landlord and renting out a property, then you must be aware of the liabilities you may incur and consequently choose an insurance policy which will allow you to sleep at night. Image Credit

Owning a Restaurant

Many people dream of opening a restaurant, but it isn’t a venture that suits everyone. Here are some characteristics every restauranteur should have: They must like people and enjoy making conversation with their customers. Understanding and communicative,

The best places to invest in student accommodation

The demand for student accommodation is as high as ever, with the need for property exceeding supply across Britain. A shrewd investor could see impressive yields, so let’s look at the best places to invest. Image Credit

How to choose fabric for a starter project

If you’ve just started out with the new hobby of dress making, you might be overwhelmed by the huge choice in fabrics available. So, what are the best fabrics for beginners? When you’re just starting out, you’ll

What VoIP systems are available?

VoIP systems are rapidly becoming the norm, both in business and home settings, but most people know little about them. If asked about VoIP, they will probably mention Skype; while this is an example of VoIP, it

Personalisation is good for business

We are all seeking the most unique and amazing gifts to give this Christmas but with so much choice and mass consumption, it’s hard to find a gift that isn’t owned already or won’t be duplicated. There