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Pot Smoking Can Worsen Schizophrenia

Smoking pot is illegal in several countries, but that doesn’t slow down the use of marijuana for both health and recreational reasons. However, it has always been assumed that mental health patients have been using pot as

Post Traumatic Stress in Vets Increases Risk of Dementia

Military veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are more likely to develop dementia than their peers who do not suffer from PTSD. Even as the debate continues about whether or not the government is

Medically Magic Material

There can be no doubt that medical advances have progressed extremely rapidly in the last century. We are now living longer and receiving far better medical care than at any previous point in our history. One material

Trimming a Video with Movavi Video Editor

When you record videos it is likely that you won’t want to use all the footage that was captured. Some of the footage that you record may have issues that can’t be fixed, or in other cases

How a grease trap will help your business

The phrase grease trap might not mean much to you, but if you work in the catering sector it can be essential to have one of these fitted. Here we look at the benefits to your business

Is marketing undermining the success of clinical trials?

It is the job of marketing to persuade us to change our opinions or behaviour in favour of the object or service being promoted. This is markedly different from science, of course, which does not seek to

How Bad Web Design May Harm Your Business Venture

Nowadays it’s easier than ever before to create your own business website using one of the many ‘drag and drop’ template services on offer. The adverts boast that they’re so easy to use and anyone can create

Automatic For The People

What is automation? Quite simply, it’s the use of control systems for operating equipment with reduced or minimal human intervention required. You’ll see examples of automation in machinery, processes in factories, telephone networks and in aircraft or

Working as a Sexual Health Advisor

Sexual health advisers look after the physical and mental wellbeing of patients who have been diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), in particular HIV. They provide information, advice and counselling to individuals and groups, as well as

4 trends in web design that all small businesses should know about

Small businesses can double in size if they have a great website; however, it can be difficult for small businesses to create and establish such a website. Image Credit Every business has a budget, and startups and