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The Benefits of Working from Home

Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular and viable way of working, thanks to the internet. Many jobs can now be done anywhere there is an internet connection. Do you dream of ditching the office to

The Unique Needs of Restaurant Cleaning

Every business should be clean and safe, but a restaurant is unique in that it absolutely must put sanitation and cleanliness as a top priority. A restaurant that isn’t sanitary risks health problems for customers and staff,

Branding is so much more than your business logo

When it comes to branding and building awareness of your business it is easy to think of this simply as the logo that you have on your website and the office stationery that you use. But it

Understanding DBS and Right to Work checks aligned

In October this year, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) announced new identity check guidance that will come fully into effect in December 2017. This could potentially be a difficult change to understand if your legal knowledge

What is the government’s Aiming for Zero programme?

The government’s Aiming for Zero programme is a Highways England initiative that directly targets people working on its networks who are at risk from other road users. Let’s explore the programme further. Image Credit The aims of

How to choose a portable generator

A portable generator is a smart investment. It enables you to take control of your energy needs, especially in the event of a power cut, so let’s look at how to choose the portable generator that is

Five Examples of Robotics Being Used in Construction

Automation is becoming a way of life with businesses increasingly looking to find ways of automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Image Credit The construction industry is among the many to embrace the current trend for robotics, particularly

Moulding processes: five common types

Depending on the process, different techniques are used There is a wide variety of types of moulding processes which are ways of manufacturing by shaping liquid or pliable material using a rigid frame called a mould. Depending

What do solicitors do?

With applications to study law at UK universities on an upward curve and the legal profession an increasingly popular career choice for graduates with other degrees, more and more people are looking into this field. Image Credit

Scottish exports to the EU grew last year

In the year following the Brexit vote, Scottish exports to the EU increased by £1.7 billion pounds. This means that for Scotland, it’s vitally important that we get a good deal in the Brexit negotiations. Food and