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DIY Shows and Exhibitions Around the UK

If you would relish the opportunity to learn more about DIY and the tricks of the trade, then you might benefit from attending one of the many DIY exhibitions and shows that take place every year around

Recognising Common Foot Complaints

The importance of correctly fitted shoes cannot be understated. There are many common foot problems that can be exacerbated by poorly fitting footwear. Feet are incredible things, with 42 muscles, 33 joints, 50 ligaments and tendons and

How can I get a better picture from my TV?

Most TVs bought recently will be 4K sets, offering four times the resolution of HD. With this resolution, you should be experiencing immersive TV with amazing quality. If this isn’t the case or you are contemplating upgrading,

Former FBI chief James Comey will make public statements

US President Trump had fired James Comey – but he will not get rid of him. The FBI chief will testify in the US Senate. The subject: Trumps possible contacts with Russia in the US election campaign.

Ecological and Profitable Business Ideas

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of a healthy life for their body, mind, and spirit and therefore, take into account the environment. No one is ignorant of what has happened to the

Five important questions to ask when interviewing a scrum master

Whether you’re pushing your organization in an Agile direction and needing some outside leadership, looking to replace a long-time employee, or hoping to make some promotions within, determining who will make a good scrum master is a

Keep Your Office Safe This Christmas

Christmas is a happy season when nobody wants to think about bad things happening. Everyone wants to wind down and have some festive fun. Many businesses will be bringing out their boxes of decorations and lights for

Scandi inspired storage solutions

Scandinavian style has endured since the 1950s, and if anything, has become a greater force in the world of interior design. Thanks to the Scandinavian furniture suppliers who have made purchasing this look so accessible, anyone can

Small Business Logistics

Running a small business takes a lot of time and effort and you could be trying to juggle many jobs at the same time. Whatever your business, the logistics of delivering products safely and efficiently can become

Five reason business travellers prefer serviced apartments

Working away from home is normal in today’s business world, so is there a cheaper, more comfortable option to hotel accommodation? Let’s take a look at serviced apartments. Image Credit Whether you’re travelling abroad or commuting around