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Astroturfing or Bad Crafts to Create False Popularity on the Internet

In the online marketing world, as in all activities, there are legitimate and non-sanctioning practices that deviate from the professional and ethical. In recent times has seen the light a class of techniques called “astroturfing”, which should be

Internet is mobile and users no longer distinguish between screens

Companies primarily value your business. Everything that reverts to your benefit and development translates into trust and investment towards any provider. It is evident that in a field as solicitous and hectic as it is the Internet, the

The invitation to social activity in online ads promotes consumer interaction

Companies that include elements of social activity and engagement in their ads, get consumers to interact more closely with their brands on social platforms, according to the results of a recent study by Burst Media, the digital

SEO Technician vs. Online Marketing Specialist

Let’s start by establishing the fundamental and starting point: an SEO technician is not the same as a marketing specialist. What are the similarities and differences? Several, let us review one by one according to certain objectives: Optimization

Email Marketing Yes, But In Moderation

A difficult balance for companies when working with emails, something like 7 and a half. If we do not arrive it is bad, if we spend it is worse. Companies need to use e-mail as the preferred channel

Neglecting the image of the most elegant brands in the network

In haute couture, fashion designers boast and try to shine with their own light every detail that speaks of their brand. All his clothes are carefully presented in multitudinous and millionaire parades, shown by the Top Model

E-mail marketing: The thin red line between promoting a product and make spam

The e-mailing is an effective marketing strategy, with high potential for sales. According Custora, retailers manage to reach a 7% of customers through e-mail marketing. However, these shipments must be done professionally, so that the rules relating to data

Keys to ‘socialize’ shops and businesses to the emerging showrooming

Surely you’ve noticed the tendency in this time to practice the ‘showrooming’. Many stores have become a tester just because the customer, after testing or learn more about the desired article, search the internet and buy it cheaper. According

Five SEO essentials for 2016

As 2016 gets under way, businesses will be eager to ensure their brands achieve SEO success this year. Making use of the right strategies is key, so here are five SEO essentials to take on board over

Your New Year’s SEO Resolutions for 2016

2016 is here, and you want to make it the best year ever. You want to ensure that your business appears at the top of every relevant search result, especially local searches, which are set to become