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Five reasons why Google bought Motorola

We have all read that Google has bought Motorola at 12.5 billion dollars, continuing with its intention of innovation and definitively entering the Smartphones market. According to Larry Page, the purchase of Motorola is intended to “overload the

“Many people do not understand Google’s advertising business,” according to its vice president

The vice president of Google and one of the co-inventors of the Internet protocol, Vinton Cerf, has shelled in a day of data protection held in Madrid his vision on privacy on the Internet and, incidentally, has

Google the king of employer branding

We could define  Employer Branding as a recent concept and an important strategy to capture talents around our business, company or projects in which the message and philosophy of “The best place to work” is transmitted. Although this concept

Google Penguin: Robot portrait of the guardian of the SEO

Google gave a twist to their precious algorithm, staggering the rules of the game SEO. In its ongoing crusade to improve the quality of search results, Google Penguin is presented as an arch enemy of blackhat, over-optimization, the

With Google you can not miss a moment

Depending on where you work, an end customer or agency, the day-to-day SEO consultant can vary greatly. In my case, I have developed my career 100% in different agencies, so I can only speak from that perspective. Agency SEO

Google launches new tool to measure the effectiveness of mobile advertising

As you well know, the main advantage of online marketing can be measured. Despite this, many companies still had problems analyzing the profitability of their actions in mobile advertising. To solve this problem, Google has created a calculator that

How to boost your activity on Google+ effectively

In recent days I have frequented some classes, events and lectures on digital marketing and I am surprised to see how some people do not have clear theme Google+, mostly because they see it as a residual

Google Pigeon and its impact on local businesses

Usually the words ‘Google algorithm’ or ‘algorithm update’ can inflict a state of panic in webmasters. Although Google’s algorithm updates intend to bring positive changes to the ways in which the search engine works, the effects can