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The importance of having a customer service policy in social networks

Customer service on social networks is no longer an option. It is the customers themselves who approach the company, looking for a response to a problem, or a solution. For customers it is the fastest method to contact

The Relevance of Photographs and Images in Content Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, almost … We’ve listened to this phrase for life, so why do so many companies still do not take advantage of the visual appeal of the photos to give color

Are QR codes failing? Only 12% of consumers use them

By all is known that consumers spend a significant part of their time online to find information on purchases, although this type of behavior is usually attributed in relation to those items of a higher price. However, a

Inbound Marketing: Selling Without Bothering

As a general rule, everyone bothered to come to our house to sell us the “Encyclopedia”, to call us constantly by offering us a change of telephone company, to stop us on the Metro on the way

The Power of Digital Influence

We understand by influence, the ability that a person, a group or a particular event has to exert power in any of its forms, over someone. Influence is a sociological theme par excellence, since its action focuses

Lies and uncomfortable truths of Digital Marketing and Social Media

Often we often echo many reports and studies that tell us about the new media, trends, experiences and different marketing strategies that seem to be so fashionable between brands and companies. Data and data that draw us a

More than 37% of marketing emails already open on mobile devices

Mobile phones and tablets continue to move computers slowly as devices for opening email marketing and are profiled as a decisive factor to take into account for brands in all processes that concern this discipline. Splio, direct marketing

The e-commerce cannot live without search engines

Search engines remain the main source of reference traffic online shops.This does not imply that they are also means more converts. Monetate data reaffirm the importance of SEO in online marketing strategy for this sector. Monetate study indicates

Where the content Marketing headed?

Search engines reward good content, users and customers as well. Not much to discuss an upward trend: 27,000 pieces of content are published every day, from the most diverse sources. Companies have taken to generate content to keep up

Users interact with mobile advertising more weekends

Comes the weekend, a few days ahead to disconnect, to do something different, to enjoy a little company who prefer. A period of relaxation before which advertisers are rubbing their hands. This emerges from a new study by Adform,