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SEO is definitely still relevant

SEO has long been a vital part of any business strategy, with effective use of SEO greatly enhancing the visibility of a website in search rankings; however, as time has trundled by and SEO has evolved, some

Practically 90% of salespeople plan to use a Social Media Marketing strategy

Companies have begun to understand the need to implement marketing and communication strategies through social media and networks. According to a recent report developed by Unica, of 89% of the salespeople surveyed, Social Media Marketing is used for

Spending on digital advertising is experiencing rapid growth

Total advertising spending in the first nine months of 2018 grew by 6.4% compared to the previous year and the period ended with an investment of 94.06 billion, according to the latest study released by Kantar Media. During

Insurers to the conquest of mobile technologies and digital marketing

Insurance companies around the world will invest around 84 million dollars in mobile technologies and digital marketing over the next three years.

Is digital marketing “turning off” conventional marketing?

In recent years and especially after the emergence of social networks and social media, many believe that consumers are “turning off” traditional marketing.

The future of Advertising and videogames

The future of advertising augurs great changes in terms of media and supports that can be more reconversion and effectiveness when it comes to making and transmitting advertising messages to users. Although the Marketing and Advertising sectors are still searching

Trends and Secrets of Search Marketing

The Search Marketing or search engine marketing , also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), is a concept and form of marketing that operates over the Internet in order to promote websites by increasing their visibility and positioning in the most important

SEO vs. Content Marketing

One of the main objectives to which a company can and should aspire is to position itself as an influential and benchmark in its sector, but this positioning must have a double aspect: psychological and double, to

The perfect plan for content marketing

Is content marketing fashionable or is it something that has come to stay? Is my company prepared to take full advantage of the potential it offers us? In this article I share with you the essential considerations before implementing

Attraction Marketing vs Conventional Marketing

It has been 14 years since Seth Godin coined the term “Permission Marketing” in which he proposed that in front of a strange person, we had little chance of converting him directly into a client. This theory indicated