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Mobile companies and operators: A lot of technology but little sensitivity and attention to the client

Although it is difficult to believe, the network is full of negative comments about all types of companies, and yet we are surprised that they seem to ignore it or not care too much, and continue their

2017 is shaping up as the year of engagement and concern for the consumer

We have already entered the last quarter of the year, and irremediably our eyes are on next year, 2017, which is waiting for us around the corner. It is time to reflect, and take stock, what progress have

Brands are outlined as the leading producers of informative content

Creative director and Social Media Strategist Juan Boronat says that the goal of companies today should be to become a “conversation argument” of users. To this end, the expert recommends that SMEs “put themselves in the user’s shoes,

Users are looking for brands that talk and are honest with them

Social Media has ended the traditional business model of traditional brands, preventing them from hiding behind their logos to act. Nowadays, users can share their experiences with brands, both good and bad, thanks to the Social Networks, being

Does Renfe really know the feeling of its passengers?

Welcome to the train Does Renfe know the feelings of its passengers?  More than 35,300 Renfe brand names have served BrandChats to conduct a reputation analysis 2.0 of the state train company.

The Power of ROI: Measure and Conquer

ROI (Return on Investment) is the indicator that has become more important in any online marketing campaign. Crowd advertising campaigns companies base their management from the beginning on constantly improving this variable.  Given the times that run the

Nestlé bets on QR codes to improve nutritional information

In a worldwide campaign to improve the nutritional information of its products, the Swiss multinational is including QR codes in the packaging of all its products. The information will also include other details on social and environmental impact

What happens to the proprietary trademarks when the company ceases to have activity and go?

The year ending has meant, unfortunately, the last year of activity for many brands in our country in all sectors: consumer, communications, services …. But what will happen to the registration of that mark in the future?,

What are the predictions that determine the customer experience in 2016?

The customer experience is more relevant than ever, and will continue to grow in importance in the coming years. Customers expect the company to anticipate their needs; they must overcome their expectations, if they really impact them.

6 things that frustrate customers and how to avoid them

Clients turn to the company for help, information, or a solution to their problems. An approach that must obtain a useful and effective response by the marks; otherwise, it can only cause frustration and abandonment of that