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What if your SME starts sharing?

In all organizations, a large amount of information and documents are generated, which companies often forget, which is an important source of content to share on social networks. In many sectors there has already been a change

The Burn Out Syndrome: When the Community Manager runs out

At this point we are all aware and we have read on more than one website what a Community Manager is, what tasks should be developed and what are its main obligations. This professional is someone who

The true value of social networks for SMEs

I have the opportunity to give many conferences and workshops a year on social media and digital marketing in general, and always, I regret not being able to give more examples of campaigns on social networks of

Are the negative criticism of consumers irreparable damage?

There is no doubt that one of the most positive things that Social Networks have brought for companies and brands is exposure and visibility. Thanks to Social Networks, it is easier to reach previously inaccessible brands and to

We do not dare to do difficult things, but they are difficult because we do not dare to do them

In the business world, as we all know well, it is not enough to have a good idea to succeed. In fact, the difficult thing is not to have the idea, but to put it into practice. For

Entrepreneur, how social is your company?

Of all those entrepreneurs who over the years or months have made the jump to their companies within social networks, a good part of them, do not really believe in the potential of these tools. They are there

Mobile revolution: A reality to which all companies must adapt

A really astronomical figure, especially if we take into account that the short space of time in which it has been achieved. The smartphone, along with the other pocket screens, have entered our life through the front door,

Customer service in social networks: Keys to define an action policy

The online marketing strategy of any company should include an action policy. In this way the different departments of the company will know how to act in any circumstance. This code of conduct should not be an influential billet

Mobile companies and operators: A lot of technology but little sensitivity and attention to the client

Although it is difficult to believe, the network is full of negative comments about all types of companies, and yet we are surprised that they seem to ignore it or not care too much, and continue their

2017 is shaping up as the year of engagement and concern for the consumer

We have already entered the last quarter of the year, and irremediably our eyes are on next year, 2017, which is waiting for us around the corner. It is time to reflect, and take stock, what progress have