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Loyalty must start from within. The responsibility of the leader

Loyal customers and the ‘mouth-to-mouth’ We know that a loyal customer, not only is exponentially more profitable, with respect to a new one. In addition, it is capable of attracting other clients, without the need for the brand to intervene

Digital entrepreneurs accuse the market of being little prepared for the businesses of the Network

Technology, payment platforms, service providers and logistics are the biggest problems faced by digital business entrepreneurs The digital entrepreneurs find the greatest difficulties to start their projects in the lack of preparation and adequate infrastructure of the

What talent does your company have?

Making a comparison with people, organizations have their own personality. This leads us to think that being endowed with this quality, their behaviors and attitudes will be determined by the values ​​established by said personality. That personality is forged

When small companies give a lesson to large corporations

Can a small cafeteria show you the business model that you must follow to develop your own company, grow it and maintain loyalty relationships with your customers? Can a small cafeteria be your role model to promote

Zanox launches a revolutionary marketplace to boost online advertising based on results

At the dmexco 2011 fair that starts today – zanox, Europe’s leading results-based advertising network, has announced the first European marketplace for results-based advertising, the “zanox marketplace.” Zanox’s marketplace combines a completely renewed design, with a multitude

Brand Toys arrives, the first online tool for the visualization of brands

JWT has launched ‘ Brand Toys ‘, the first online tool for brand visualization, which allows users to compare the character and personality of more than 3,000 brands from around the world. Users can create their own branded toy characters,

Prisa Brand Solutions, launches its new corporate WEB

Prisa Brand Solutions, PRISA’s media marketer, presents its new website. Once the launch campaign of the new brand and corporate identity of the company has been completed, the development of a corporate website aimed at resolving the needs

The UCE warns of the advertising and promotions of portability the mobile operators

The publicity and promotions of the telephone companies are still in the spotlight. This has been pointed out by the Consumers Union of Extremadura (UCE) who warns of the “deceptive” publicity that this type of companies carry out.

Investment in marketing is recovered after ten consecutive quarters of falls in the United Kingdom

According to information from the report developed by the consultancy Bellwether, 21% of companies in the United Kingdom increased their budgets for marketing actions during the first quarter of the year, while only 16% reported cuts in

Suggestions to achieve sales goals in times of crisis

In the current context, the financial crisis that has spread worldwide acts as a filter that is responsible for debugging what is not effective or profitable. In this sense, companies have had to adapt to this changing environment; establishing