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What happens to the proprietary trademarks when the company ceases to have activity and go?

The year ending has meant, unfortunately, the last year of activity for many brands in our country in all sectors: consumer, communications, services …. But what will happen to the registration of that mark in the future?,

What are the predictions that determine the customer experience in 2016?

The customer experience is more relevant than ever, and will continue to grow in importance in the coming years. Customers expect the company to anticipate their needs; they must overcome their expectations, if they really impact them.

6 things that frustrate customers and how to avoid them

Clients turn to the company for help, information, or a solution to their problems. An approach that must obtain a useful and effective response by the marks; otherwise, it can only cause frustration and abandonment of that

The mistakes made often when it comes to network

Relationships are one of the elements that have moved the business world since time immemorial possibly. Then you know someone or I know that other have always served to establish business relationships and to reach agreements and

The 10 pillars of a bad communicator

If we look at our history as students, we have gone through many classrooms and consequently we have been taught by a lot of teachers. And we can ask the question, what are the best remember? Or

How To Know sell your business / activity in a minute

The title seems a bit radical, but do not kid yourself, in most contexts, even if they have more time to explayarte in this area, just one minute in which the caller in front of you will

Getting the most from your database and generate sales

When a project or online business starts walking, one of the great obsessions is to get qualified records (leads) that are mature or in the final stages of the buying cycle to generate sales. You can now

What is a prosumer? Why is it important to be to make your business thrive?

If we look a few years ago, and not long ago, we had a scenario where companies were producing content and most with a strong advertising load. At that time the consumer only played the role of

The 7 habits you are sure to alienate professional success

Possibly the term “professional success” is too broad a concept and that everyone has a slightly different meaning, as it responds to the priorities and values ​​that everyone has in mind. I will try to define, in my view,

Who needs a business plan and why?

A business plan is a written description of the future of your company. Often they used by entrepreneurs seeking to communicate his vision to potential investors, or companies that are trying to attract key employees, suppliers or