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Only the fourth of the companies present in Social Networks has a Social Media Manager

At the time of being in social networks, companies and brands have launched to the board through multiple platforms and social profiles in an even greater porch that of the traditional users. This is evidenced by a new

Mobile advertising continues to grow but Europe does not appreciate its value

Mobile advertising continues to grow. According to IAB, in 2012 experienced a 148% growth over the previous year in the United Kingdom, whose volume exceeded for the first time the barrier of 5 billion pounds. Mobile investment accounted for

22% of authorized emails never reach your inbox

How many of the mails that a company sends send really to the audience to which they are directed? According to a new study distributed by the company Return Path, billions of emails, those that consumers have agreed

The video is presented as the favorite support businesses to compliment the Christmas

More than 58% of CEOs and general managers of Spanish companies consider the audiovisual format as the right to send their Christmas greetings, both employees and customers and visitors to its website, compared with 42% following preferring

The millennials believe that brands should do good things

The relationship of brands with millennial is not always easy, but the millennials do have certain expectations of them. Younger consumers are convinced that brands can do great things or at least has the potential for it.

Generating future customers already born

How will the consumer in the of 2033? What trends have greater weight? Socio-demographic changes draw a different consumer who now know; new technologies and the most global trends question the viability of traditional business models and

63% of companies will increase their spending on native advertising during 2016

Native advertising is becoming one of the bets of fashion advertising industry to engage consumers and industry media to attract advertisers. The native advertising continues and uses the features of the media to become more attractive and

Key points to be a day in e-learning

A few years ago it could foresee that the e-learning would rise strongly, and if we had done any survey many would say that would come from the very large institutions and universities that would make a

Ways to keep your sanity as an entrepreneur

If you ask freelancers and entrepreneurs the reasons why they settled on their own, their motivations vary declared. They may have wanted to solve a problem, or who have a sense of purpose. Others were attracted by

Strategies for selling

Most entrepreneurs start their business with great enthusiasm. Many are the sacrifices made to start and grow the activities; it focuses attention on every detail, from production to packaging, from pre-sales to after sales service. Unfortunately, a good portion