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9 Features needed to work in Social Media

Social media is one of the most attractive areas of the new markets. But just like having a blog does not make you a journalist, and there are many blogs that swarm around trying to make a hole

Learn More Regarding Making Money Online? These Tips Are For You

If you’re turning to the Internet to find online work, then you should see why many people are working online. The Internet is the perfect place to make some spare money or making a full-time living. Read

From Prevention to Action: The Importance of Online Reputation for Businesses

The users rely more on the opinion of others, the experts, and of course, much more than what they can tell them or tell their own brands and companies. It is companies should not forget to prepare to face

How online videos sweep and conquer consumers and brands

For if some absentminded has so far escaped the importance of online video in its digital marketing strategy, or considers that users only pay attention to funny videos of kittens or babies; Nothing further from the reality: Consumers

Online video claims its throne as new King of Content Marketing

We usually say that content is the king, and lately there is a type of content that is gaining more and more value, increasing its wealth and expansion, exercising its dominance also in social networks: this is

Online advertising in social games wins in effectiveness

Advertising in social games are giving better results than conventional online advertising campaigns, generating a higher rate of interactivity, as well as better CTR, according to MediaBrix. Social games are especially attractive to users, who always welcome

Contextual content still keeps sending over multimedia

Three out of every four CEOs under the age of 50 claim to “consume mainly information online”, and they also recognize 2 out of 3 age over 50, according to the results of a survey conducted by

7 Things to Keep in Mind to Manage Online Reputation

Online reputation is the most precious asset of every brand. It is the basis for the confidence of the customers, the impulse that encourages them to bet on a brand, or to flee from it like the plague.

Online videos have become the most powerful weapon for brands

The moving image conquers the users, who enjoy consuming videos and sharing them in social networks. In 2012 we consumed 3,000 hours of video, a figure that we have doubled this year. Faced with this new trend, 73% of

Why 80% of the content generated by companies do not work?

80% of the content of a web does not work. It is a fact that overwhelms anyone. Apparently, your efforts to generate content and keep your updated web are in vain. InboundWriter study it indicates that as much as 20%