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Contextual content still keeps sending over multimedia

Three out of every four CEOs under the age of 50 claim to “consume mainly information online”, and they also recognize 2 out of 3 age over 50, according to the results of a survey conducted by

7 Things to Keep in Mind to Manage Online Reputation

Online reputation is the most precious asset of every brand. It is the basis for the confidence of the customers, the impulse that encourages them to bet on a brand, or to flee from it like the plague.

Online videos have become the most powerful weapon for brands

The moving image conquers the users, who enjoy consuming videos and sharing them in social networks. In 2012 we consumed 3,000 hours of video, a figure that we have doubled this year. Faced with this new trend, 73% of

Why 80% of the content generated by companies do not work?

80% of the content of a web does not work. It is a fact that overwhelms anyone. Apparently, your efforts to generate content and keep your updated web are in vain. InboundWriter study it indicates that as much as 20%

Half of the agencies and marketers claim that the use of Big Data is very positive

Companies are beginning to see the return on investment they have made in Big Data. Although this is still a rough diamond and much remains to know to take advantage and offer a great, personalized consumer experience, the

What is the secret of the big winners of ecommerce?

E – commerce is one of the major business trends that has fueled the network. In recent years, the volume of purchases made using the Internet has grown steadily. In fact, the e – commerce grows at a rate of 10% per quarter , a

Mobile coupons and its potential as a powerful sales tool

The rise of mobile coupons continues to increase, imposing itself on its offline version as an effective means to impact the customer and lure you to conversion. The potential of mobile version of these discounts also far

What reasons lead consumers to stop halfway shopping carts online?

Online stores are facing a problem that is usual in the offline stores. Few people, for example, go to a physical store, walk the aisles looking at the products, fill your basket and then when they are

Rainy days: Good time for e-commerce

Time is one more element in achieving establishes the success or failure of a store. Not only affect smaller establishments, giants like Walmart and Kohl’s have blamed bad weather in some of its last presentations of results.

10 sure-fire techniques for your visitors do not buy anything

Getting people to come to your website is only a first step. Once visitors arrive it is necessary that new business for your company continue to grow generated. Unfortunately many web pages are made to scare away