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Internet advertising investment in the US grew 13.9 percent

With a growth of 13.9%, advertising investment on the Internet reached a new ‘record’ in the past year 2010 in the US. This new increase put advertising investment at 25.8 billion dollars, exceeding for the first time

Advertising and business models in web 2.0

The company Multplica, digital strategy and marketing consultancy, recently conducted a comparative study on income sources and business models of the 100 most important Internet 2.0 sites among which include Yotube, MySpace, FaceBook or Wikipedia itself. 

2 out of 3 online consumers always buy from the same internet store

71% of the buyers were unable to mention a secondary establishment where they make their purchases online in drugstore, perfumery and personal hygiene, according to the barometer study of the 2010 distribution of TNS. This figure demonstrates

Social media and social networks, essential to strengthen companies and brands

New technologies have changed the way of thinking of companies and how they relate to their customers. In recent years, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ among others are offering companies direct access to their customers.

How far can a comment on the internet determine the decision of a purchase?

Can a comment on the network determine a purchase decision on the Internet? Do we choose a product or service based on opinion on a website? Can a patient opt ​​for a particular doctor based on the opinion of

Social and Political Networks 2.0 An online Reputation crisis without solution?

Confidence, Security or Transparency, are values ​​that are sometimes linked or directly affect the reputation level of individuals and organizations. In politics these terms are also frequently used, although the use of each one of them is quite

How to develop a content strategy for online stores

You take care of your online store, keep it updated with news, change the product photos, make offers … but you can not increase the volume of traffic to your website or, unfortunately, the sales. What happens? You study

From the Community, listening and the importance of content creation

Content marketing has exploded and has been revealed for some time as the best way to position, not just a website, but a brand. The brands that share quality content are those that, in the end, have a

Tips to get more engagement with mobile app

Mobiles have come to redefine the way people relate, as well as people with companies. We have experienced a rapid adoption of these pocket devices, to the point that it is expected that in 2016 80% of the

Are companies throwing their money doing mobile advertising?

We should not confuse Marketing with Advertising, and in this sense everything related to the mobile technology and marketing sector acquires important nuances.