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Sales of electronic commerce in Europe would grow by 25% if existing regulations were unified

40% of buyers in the European Union use the Internet to purchase goods and services, according to the European Commission 25% of European retail is convinced that it could increase its total business figure by 25% with

The rise of electronic commerce makes the Internet the largest shopping center for Christmas

In addition to the price difference, other reasons that encourage users to buy online are exclusivity, saving time and queues and that the shopping experience is less stressful. Despite the crisis, the remain faithful to Christmas shopping. Giving

Are our electronic stores ready for the next Christmas season?

Over the years, the volume of online commerce has increased significantly, especially driven by the successive Christmas campaigns that have been marking the way for each following year. In U.S.A. it is expected that this year online Christmas purchases

New study reveals that men perform twice as many online purchases than women

A new study conducted by CB Richard Ellis has shown that although women are those who most want to make purchases, it is the men who are driving them. The survey conducted by the firm CB Richard

Loyalizing customers: The 7 basic steps to enhance the online customer journey

For any company to attract, attract and retain their customers, regardless of the time and place of the interaction they make with them, the marketing strategy must permeate the entire organization and each of its departments in

Internet, a key decision factor in purchases

Internet and Web 2.0 offer an authentic ocean of information in which to compare different products and services, and in which the opinions and recommendations of other users acquire even greater relevance. Conteneo, the company that develops

Formulas for customers to trust their marketing strategies and online Marketing

One of the biggest problems of the Internet is that many people still do not trust the Net. All the new forms of communication had problems in the beginning. When the phone appeared many people came to

The true importance of strategies in Social Media

For now all of us, or at least most of us, know that we need a website and that the question is what we should do with it, not if it should exist. However, we see owners of

Less than 10% of SMEs offer their products on the internet

Less than 10% of small and medium businesses offer their products on the internet. Despite these figures there is a general consensus on the importance of the internet as a work tool. In this sense, 62% have a website

Internet advertising investment in the US grew 13.9 percent

With a growth of 13.9%, advertising investment on the Internet reached a new ‘record’ in the past year 2010 in the US. This new increase put advertising investment at 25.8 billion dollars, exceeding for the first time