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Challenge a million dollars to create a new Marketing Agency

Who wants a million dollars to start an Agency? This would be the basis of a new contest promoted by MDC Partners, a Toronto-based company that controls the activities of other companies and agencies through participation in their

Impact with a great promotion is still possible

Grass Roots covers the financial risk of a high-impact promotion, so that the marketing budget is under control. The current competitiveness requires companies to take a hit, a notorious communication impact that makes them stand out above

Interpretation and dance as marketing and emotional communication tools for brands

First it was the sport, then the music, now, the brands explore and invest in shows “AD HOC” PerforDance is the first company specializing in emotional communication that uses dance, performing arts or theater as tools to

Coolhunting: Marketing and innovation to fight the crisis

Price adjustments, commercial battles and very high losses in the annual balances of the most consolidated brands are some of the news that daily flood the media. Is it sounding to us that we are in crisis? But in

Professionals with knowledge of the Internet and multimedia tools, the most demanded by the Marketing and Sales sector

In the face of a more competitive market, companies require differentiated commercial strategies that intervene in the purchase decision. Hays, a consultant dedicated to the selection of specialized personnel, has analyzed the situation of the Marketing and

E-mail and social networks stress workers

The consultant People-OnTheGo has presented a survey that reveals that most of the workers interviewed are overwhelmed by the huge amount of emails they handle as well as dealing with the monitoring and use of social media. Another

How to Develop Content that Enamored Google

87% of the queries that users make on the internet do so using Google and its goal is to offer its users “the best and highest quality” of information they are looking for, Google rewards sites that

Marketing Strategies: Internet, yes or yes

Since the use of the Internet will begin to generalize in companies more than a decade ago, there have been a number of critical times of expectation that have believed to detect significant changes in the horizon

What should you keep in mind when looking for a Community Manager?

The most frequent conclusion? It’s time to look for a Community Manager. ” This is the real scenario that many organizations face today. The figure of the Community Manager has undoubtedly become a key and high-profile piece in

Can it be any Community Managers trainer?

No. The answer is no and a thousand times no. In the same way that we are not all ready to teach quantum physics, not all of us are trained to train future Community Managers. There are many