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In crisis, more ‘Social Relations’

With few exceptions, in companies have scandalously reduced their Marketing and Communication budgets during the last two years. In how they have used the scissors, when adjusting, they are distinguished from each other. Some have done it without regard,

Tablets: Trend between consumers and the future of electronic commerce

Recently, we highlighted the data of a YouGov study, which indicated that one in 12 users of ‘tablets’, have expressed that their purchase was to replace their desktop or laptop. Now, a new report from AdMob, indicates

Marketing and Loyalty: Retaining customers in a changing economic climate

The current economic climate has created a tremendous need to optimize costs and facilitate the use of loyalty programs with payment cards that can help companies retain their current customers, as well as attract new ones. After

Errors to avoid in the marketing strategy of small businesses and companies

Marketing is the most difficult part of running a business. It is not the only thing, but if it fails in this sense the marketing could be difficult and the proof is that for many traders this is

The popularity of brands in social networks could influence the value of their actions

A new study says that a relationship has been found between the popularity in social media of key brands, and the price of their shares, and suggests that it could be used as an indicator to determine

Young SMEs have a greater preference for social networks

A recent BIA / Kelsey study has shown that social media has become an important marketing tool for small businesses, especially for younger ones. The proof of this is that 32% of companies between 0 and 6

5 great Tips for the Marketing of the era 3.0

We move … we move forward … there is no doubt that trends and innovation are taking us to Web 3.0 and, obviously, to marketing 3.0. There are many brands worldwide that approach their followers, learn from

Classic strategies of mass manipulation, less and less effective

Always from the immemorial times of the Roman civilization, taken as an example by its great innovative capacity that still surprises, the techniques used for the manipulation of masses have had like object to obtain that the

Challenge a million dollars to create a new Marketing Agency

Who wants a million dollars to start an Agency? This would be the basis of a new contest promoted by MDC Partners, a Toronto-based company that controls the activities of other companies and agencies through participation in their

Impact with a great promotion is still possible

Grass Roots covers the financial risk of a high-impact promotion, so that the marketing budget is under control. The current competitiveness requires companies to take a hit, a notorious communication impact that makes them stand out above