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What should you keep in mind when looking for a Community Manager?

The most frequent conclusion? It’s time to look for a Community Manager. ” This is the real scenario that many organizations face today. The figure of the Community Manager has undoubtedly become a key and high-profile piece in

Can it be any Community Managers trainer?

No. The answer is no and a thousand times no. In the same way that we are not all ready to teach quantum physics, not all of us are trained to train future Community Managers. There are many

Bloggers, community managers and fashion: Perfect fusion!

Online communication is a good rrpp tactic and a tool to get closer to our customers. Internet, in a few years it has become a very important and growing medium. Nowadays almost all homes have internet and through it

Community Manager A job for experts or beginners?

Lately many job ads are asking for Community Manager, one of the most ‘professions’ in vogue considering the rise of social networks when it comes to spreading, seducing and convincing audiences about a particular product or brand. But

Marketing and Travelers 2.0: Internet, starting point in tourism experiences

The tourism sector has evolved enormously in recent years. Above all in their efforts to take advantage more and more efficiently all the tools available to seduce the tourist and the traveler. To achieve this, to differentiate and reach

Investing time in content is investing time in advertising

Creative tools, which have used advertising to attract the attention of potential customers, begin to lose efficiency. In businesses and micro-SMEs it is easier to perceive the inability of conventional advertising to get customers. Advertising media on the Internet,

Basic SEO for SMEs, where do you start?

A few years ago, when the bubble that was spoken of was of the Internet and everyone wanted to have a web page, no one imagined that the path that was opening at that time would mark

Proactivity, a necessary value for the Community Manager?

How many times have we seen job offers in which, among the many requirements for a Community Manager, in addition to extensive and extensive experience, is asked to be proactive? Do you really need a Community Manager

Crucial aspects to encourage engagement

You know that a community is not reduced to one, a figure, but rather it is a set of users, with their own identity, who have a voice and vote; as well as absolute power to decide if

The 5 keys to the loyalty strategy through video

It is increasingly difficult to capture the attention of the audience on the Internet. How many lines does a user read before, unconsciously, begin to slide his eyes diagonally from one side of the page to the other? Include