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Should Your Company have its own Fleet of Vehicles?

There are many ways that owning your own fleet of vehicles can be beneficial for your company, rather than using courier services. They are within your control,, more than a courier service would be, which can ensure

Can a brand reputation crisis be caused by its managers?

Is there any kind of relationship between a reputational crisis and the work done by the managers of that brand? A brand reputation crisis has some kind of link between it and the work carried out by

The ‘Poisoned Assets’ for marketing managers

We all know the meaning of toxic active; but for marketing managers there is another type of more important assets, which I call “poisoned assets”, and which represent the people of the organization that harm the relationship with

Traditional commerce at a new crossroads

For some time now, media and experts are lavishing in endless discussions about certain aspects that influence trade. The possibility of recovery of the traditional business, the extension of the commercial hours of the physical stores to 24

Customer orientation, the key to replacing a well with a mountain

I love the descriptive power of this phrase by Eduard Punset, which summarizes the objective of many of us on a personal, emotional or professional level before this year begins. 2012 is presented as a difficult year,

Transparency with data collection, one more challenge for 2018

Predictions abound that spending on online advertising and e-commerce will have their year in 2018, but for this to happen, it will be necessary to prioritize and enhance other aspects such as data protection, that is, to

Is your ‘OFF’ helping your ‘ON’? The Punto Pelota case

For many people and businesses, the Internet has been a lifeline in a world in which offline marketing is becoming increasingly difficult and complicated due to factors such as oversaturation of supply, globalization, the fragmentation of the

Can a company exist without customers?

Some time ago I wrote an article entitled Client or company: ¿Which side are you on? “And one of the comments I received to said article said:” I think the company is more important than the client

Shopping? Not without my mobile

Now more than ever, the internet and new technologies are part of the daily lives of users and consumers. All this, thanks to the possibility of being permanently connected giving us the opportunity to search and access the

How important is the customer experience with your product?

Regardless of whether you have designed a phenomenal strategy, with creatives out of this world and have invested a lot of money in advertising, there is something that is not in your control. Do you know what it