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What benefits can companies get from content marketing?

Although advertising is still used today, however, customers are demanding more than just a product or service. 70% of consumers recognize that they prefer to know a brand for their corporate blog rather than advertising. This change of mentality

A satisfied customer will be the best ambassador of your brand

Social networks are not another channel of communication, they are the means to effectively reach consumers. The way in which the brand communicates with its audience does not correspond to the traditional canons, where it is the one

Consumers are wary of what Social Media brands tell them

Consumers do not end up believing what brands say in social media. The latest survey, published by Forrester Research, reflects the low confidence that customers place in all the actions they receive on a daily basis through social

Social icons become indispensable to improve Email Marketing CTR

E-mails that include some type of social icons to share content or information, reach a CTR index higher by 158% (6.2% vs. 2.4%) than those that do not incorporate them, according to a study that has Been

52% of buyers are already looking for car through the mobile

Judging by the figures, the latest generation devices have marked a before and after in the process of buying a vehicle. Such is its influence that there are already more drivers who opt for the ‘showcase’ of their

The risk of defenders too in love with the brand

By all is known the potential of the online medium to generate brand Defenders, those users who have moved from a state of constant admiration towards our company’s commitment to a proactive state actively defending us if

Retargeting Advantages and Disadvantages

This online marketing technique is known both by the name of retargeting and by the name of remarketing, the second we owe it to Google since it has coined with this term the possibility of performing this

5 Keys to Developing an Effective Content Strategy

The reign of content spreads, its future looks clearer than ever. 90% of companies have already included it in their marketing strategy, and even takes 25% of the budget. Not surprisingly, there are significant reasons for this, such

Developers claim that mobile advertising networks exaggerated their eCPM

More than 70% of developers are showing little or no satisfaction with the current possibilities they have to carry out marketing and advertising actions in their applications. This is the result of a survey conducted by Chinese

Content Marketing or how to attract the customer without intention of direct selling

During the last few years, new concepts and approaches to the market have arrived. These are tools that marketing professionals use to increase brand awareness and trust in consumers by positioning themselves as experts in the field. They